Clyde Dezzy

Clyde Dezzy

 Suffolk, Virginia, USA
BandHip HopR&B

My music is gritty, thought provoking, and ready to set the next trend. All of my tracks hit hard and lyrics even harder. When i do a show the audiences has to move. my sound is more hardcore and hip hop o its next level.


Clyde Dezzy, it's more than the fact that he is the next best rapper out, he is and entertainer with high energy. What sets him apart from everybody out there is that he actually lives music. At clyde Dezzy first performance his music was lost by the dj and he performered the track old school no music, and shut the show down. he was invite after than to every open mic in virginia and offered a deal with several record labels.
Clyde is a single parent that gave up the street life to pursue his music even though everyone else said he could sell his music that way.


Some of his tracks includes waitin on u, heart at home, ride or die, make that money, it's 2008,
country boy, it's a war out there, we ah team !!!!
103 jamz plays my tracks every sunday night on sunday night spotlight.

Set List

it's a war out there, waitn on u, make that money, ride or die, heart at home, country boy ..... My sets last about 15 to 20 minutes.