With simple song structures, wrapped in soaring vocal melodies and propelled by a thundering pulse, Clydesdale draws on their vast influences to produce their own sound that cuts through to the audience.


Clydesdale, bred straight out of Toronto, ON Canada. With roots firmly planted in the city's indie rock lineage, the members of Clydesdale translate their surroundings into their music. Founding members Shawn Leger(guitar, Vocals) and Scott Thompson(Bass Guitar) established themselves on the local club circuit building a loyal fan base. Mid-2008 Marco Moniz(Drums, ex-Killer Elite, Grasshopper and Tangiers) Joined the band propelling then into the studio to record a series of demos. It was during the circulation of these demos that Clydesdale recruited Yuri Didrichsons(Guitar, Ex-Deadly Snakes, Tangiers)

Set List

The set has 8 or 9 original songs, the entire set is 25 mins to half an hour.