Clynt O'Brien

Clynt O'Brien


My music is Catchy with a hint of originality. I love all sorts of music so I write all types of music. I love telling stories, and belive that shines through my music. I would say its pop, alternative with dashes of folk, rock, and Emo.


My mother played Santana to me in the womb. I grew up with pop icons such as michael jackson, and Queen. Music has always been a part of my life. I am soo passionate about all I do when it comes to songwriting. If I had my way I would always be writing music. My true influences stem from the beatles and led Zepplin. Elliott smith, Kurdt Kobain. Thes are the styles I feel come out most in my sound amongst others. My story is that i have no story I just knew i was suppose to be writing music, it saved my life. I research everything about the industry day in, and day out. So I know what I have to do to stay original yet mainstream easy listening. Being myself behind a guitar is what sets me apart from other artists.



Written By: Clynt O'Brien

Invited, and hated.
My stomach is braided.
I cant understand why you would put us through this.
I've hunted, and waited disguised while I'm shaded.
Ive planned it so careful a lesson you'll learn.
I can't hardly explain the pain that I feel.
This isnt a dream I knoe its the real thing cause I'm HURTING!
Taken for granted, and left to forget.
Kidnapped, and constricted, you're taking my breath.
Revenge is so sweet.
Now its time to begin.
I must levitate as I rise from the dead.
I'm burning to ashes while you swing from a rope.
You live in denial you think its a joke.
I cant hardly explain the way that I feel. This isnt a dream I know its the real thing, cause' Im hurting.

Through and through

Written By: Clynton O'Brien

She cries her tears for all her fears
He laughs it, and starts to cough
You're sick and cruel
You play a fool.
She runs away, yet hears him say

"you're coming know you are!"
"you'll be right back in these arms!'

Shes all alone and No one knows he doesnt care
All she hears
"youre coming back, you know you are!"
"you'll be right back in these arms!"
A bed of nails when all else fails
The things we do through and through

"I see you sad its all you have
I'll hold you close
I wont let go
I 'll take you back, you know I will
This time we'll last...
you know it will."

Set List

I currently have well over 100 personal songs
I would cover the following bands:
Pearl jam, radiohead, nirvana, Neil Young, U2, Foo Fighters, Dallas Green, Elliott smith, Bob Dylan, Blue rodeo, Guns&Roses, Incubus, Coldplay, the verve, the beatles, and tenacious D