BandClassicalChildren's Music

CMajor is a one woman band filled with energy and excitement. She has her finger on the pulse of what children like and respond to. Original songs offered on keyboard and vocals.


The music of CMajor is influenced by situations that arise when kids need to work things out emotionally. Carol Porter uses a combination of keyboards and vocals to get the message across. Songs are about superheroes, tv/movie characters and conflict resolution. CMajor's influences are from Sesame Street, BB King and Vince Guaraldi. She uses blues, simple harmonies and easy to remember melodies. Carol Porter is a classically trained pianist who began showing interest in the piano when she was three years old. Two years later she began learning notes on the piano and by the time she was 10, she had already given her first solo concert.


None released yet.

Set List

Originals include: Spiderman, Dora the Explorer, I Am Sorry, Ariel is a Mermaid. A typical set will last 30 minutes. Cover tunes include role playing children's songs, i.e. Old Lady Sally/Old Man Jim; Clap Your Hands Together and Very Tall/Very Small.