Teaneck, New Jersey, USA

The piano music of CMajor is thematically based on heartbreak and wonder. Carol Porter's piano album, "CMajor" features her handpicked song "That's Alright" also on the "Fresh Cuts, Vol. 10" compilation album. "That's Alright" was featured alongside unreleased music by the legendary Quincy Jones and his team for the Fresh Cuts album. CMajor was also featured on Fresh Cuts, Vol. 7; her song Faint Memory appears alongside tracks selected by Rome of Sublime with Rome.


Carol Porter released her full-length solo piano album, "Cmajor by CMajor" on iTunes .  The 2016 album is a re-release of her CMajor CD from the previous year and this time features an added bonus track!  Most recently, CMajor was featured on Artist Rack . CMajor's music and music other independent artists was featured on the new "Fresh Cuts, Vol. 10" compilation album alongside previously unreleased tracks by the legendary Quincy Jones.  Prior to that, CMajor's music was featured on another Fresh Cuts project alongside music from Rome of SWR (Sublime with Rome)

CMajorPorter currently records, performs and teaches privately throughout the tri-state area, aiming to use her gifts to empower others and inspire the next generation of pianists.

In addition to her work as a classical musician, Ms. Porter also uses her arts administration training to manage her career as a pop/alternative artist under the name, “CMajor”. She writes, records, and performs her own solo pop piano music.  Some of her archived NYC videos can also be found on YouTube.  Ms. Porter is a Tunecore Artist and is currently affiliated with BMI. You can read more about Carol's music and upcoming shows on her Bandzoogle pro website,  Go here


The first full-length CMAJOR CD is now available for purchase.  Also, check out the CMajor single "That's Alright" on the new FRESH CUTS, Vol. 10 CD recently released by Guitar Center.  Featured songs on the CMAJOR CD include: That's Alright, Faint Memory, Butterfly Wish, Gut Feeling, Empty Spaces, End of the World, Back Home, First Love and Weathering the Storm.  Some songs are streaming live right here on Sonicbids and also on Radio Airplay.  Thanks for listening.

Set List

It's 2017!--CMajor features backing tracks for her tune Butterfly Wish in her live performances.  Mostly recently she performed alongside mostly hip-hop artists at a public showcase in Brooklyn, NY.  CMajor has successfully played 30 minute live sets of her original tunes in New York since January 2010. In 2011, CMajor expanded her set to 40 minutes--nine songs include - Weathering the Storm, Gut Feeling, Empty Spaces, Butterfly Wish, That's Alright, End of the World, First Love, Faint Memory and Back Home.  Stay tuned for new and upcoming material from CMajorPorter.