St. Louis, Missouri, USA
SoloHip HopChristian

My music is a truly heartfelt mix of a testimony of victory over life's struggles and a musical expression of God's love.


C-Micah is a Christian Rap artist from St. Louis, MO. His music career started in Memphis, TN shortly after finishing Bible College. He relocated to St. Louis in 2009 and has been very active in the local music scene. C-Micah has performed both nationally & internationally in countries such as Germany, Belgium, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago and the Philippines. His music is heavily influenced by his faith and life experiences. His sound is a fusion between banging southern 808 drums & heartfelt, passionate lyricism. C-Micah has released 5 albums and 3 mixtapes. He has been featured on many nationally released projects and recently released his latest project, “Faith Music” in August 2015.


Deliverance- Released 2012
The Power of the Holy Ghost-Released 2010
The Infallible Truth-Released 2010
Southern Classic-Released 2008
Mic'Ed Up-Released 2005