CMO is a URBAN GOSPEL ARTIST with a powerful message and dynamic stage performance. CMO has a futuristic sound laced with a hypnotic urban groove and heartfelt lyrics.



As you listen to CMO's catchy urban songs with spirtually rich Christian lyrics – there is one thing that will remain etched in your memory. CMO is not your typical run-of-the-mill gospel artist! His style is very distinctively Hip Hop/ R&B, but with a clear Christian message. The choruses of his songs are filled with such creative ways to apply God's Word practically to your life. CMO is such a powerful writer - it's as if he has sat down in your living room and sang to you all the Godly solutions to the problems that keep you lying awake at night, and some of the complicated problems plaguing our urban communities. The message of his music is clear. It is to entertain you, identify with your feelings and emotions, and leave you walking away with a greater understanding of what your life can and will be with God in it.
CMO’s songs explore many issues such as identity, love, suicide, making wise choices, believing, faith, substance abuse, and more. He feels that through his music you will see more (CMO) of God and God's Word for how we should live. You will understand it completely and very clearly – as if you were watching the WORD on high definition bright color Television. He is out to tell a vision – it is the vision of GOD, and he gives it to you brightly colored with bold lyrics, catchy beats, dance tunes, soulful tenor singing, and a hip urban style.
With the lyrical shockers – it would be enough to make great music. But CMO takes the knockout approach with music production that makes even mainstream secular producers look twice. His music delivers the extremely popular hip hop/R & B sound that sells out stadiums nationwide. His style is edgy and the music is filled with very soulful, dance-driven urban beats, great hooks, and catchy production created by one of the secular's world's former premier producers. His producer, PL Sweets of MF music (My Father's music ) is well known in the secular world for helping produce hits for Nick Cannon, The O'Jays, Donnell Jones, and many other internationally famous artists. Sweets lending his production expertise to CMO's lyrical genius is a marriage made in hip hop heaven.
CMO has been performing for years. He has sung on stage with Deitrick Haddon, Tonex, JR of Cross Movement, and Sean Slaugther - just to name a few. He first got his feet wet in a teenage boy-band where he wrote, produced, arranged and sang for the group. He later left the aspiring group planning to pursue his own personal goals. Goals that included reaching out to urban communities plagued by drugs, violence, promiscuity, and low self-esteem. He has begun tackling those goals, and is using this album as a stepping stool to do more in urban communities.
CMO plans to perform in secular venues such as 106th& Park – the popular urban music show on BET Television that reaches millions and millions of teens and young adults. He plans to present Christ as an option to unsaved teens, and win souls for God. CMO has been called a revolutionary and a visionary by many. He is not afraid to stand boldly among the unsaved and proclaim Christ's message of salvation. He wants everyone to see more of God in bright, beautiful technicolor!


Single TBR. June 1st 2009: Ayooooo from the CMO... In Technicolor Album TBR Fall 2009

Set List

The typical set four to five songs total set is 20 minutes
1) Come Closa
2) Rock wit Me
3) Ayoo
4) Tic Toc
5) Get Better

preview live set: