Folk, blues, country punk all rolled into one


First were the words, than slowly the melody devoloped on top of the words. I started performing everywhere i could and recorded a demo that eventually turned into a cult following through austin and dallas. Eventually Polyphonic Spree heard some 4 track demo's i had made and asked if i would like to record in the polyphonic spree studio. i of course said yes and have been promoting it to the best of my ability and connections since then. Next i got in touch with my family i had not seen in 18 years that were all living in our family's original hometown of portland. i Moved out here to start making connections and performing in portland. Thats when i met Dr. Moss and he introduced me to trent who had been an employee of jackpot recording studio. he had been starting his own studio called the bunker and heard i wrote music so eventually asked me to play something for him. i did and he recorded some new songs at the bunker. That was january 2007, since i have been performing in dives around portland and making new friends.


C'mon Eschaton

Written By: Blake Mackey

You Can't hid you can't run, so c'mon eschaton


C'mon Eschaton:
2007 Blake @ The Bunker (Bunker Records)
2006 the Polyphonic Movement (Polyphonic Records)
2006 You Do Not Have a Home (Akashic Records)
2005 A New SEnse Of Balance (Akashic Records)
2005 Staples in My Head (Akashic Records)
2005 Turn All GRass Into Pavement (Akashic Records
2004There's No Turning Back(Winking Colon Records)
2003 You Did This (Wnking Colon Records)
2002 Cause You calm Me Down Winking Colon Records

Set List

All My Songs are memorized inside my head and I never Write Down What im going TO Play before i Get on Stage. I typically feel out the crowd and play what i think works. I typically like to play for 1-2 hours.