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The sound of C-Mon & Kypski ranges from from pumping dance music to hip-hop to Balkan music, it has babies crying 80's style, synths, rock vocals, DJ scratches, sing-a-long melodies, and that just covers the first few songs on the album. It's all in the mix and the mix rocks!


C-mon & Kypski
>> New album --- Where the Wild Things Are

The guys of C-Mon & Kypski (Simon Akkermans, Thomas Elbers, Daniel Rose en Jori Collignon) let their fantasies run free for half a year. After two years of intensive touring (from Amsterdam to Istanbul, South by Southwest to Eurosonic) with the material of the second album ‘Static Traveller’, it was time for something new. At the end of 2005 they decided to give their fantasy a helping hand. With unshaven beards they left with a camper van full of ideas and recording equipment to Morocco. Over a period of four weeks they created what is now their third and latest album ‘Where the wild things are’.

The most concrete product of their journey is the new single’ Bumpy Road’ , which recieved it’s name from the circumstances of the recordings. It is by far the happiest C-Mon & Kypski song till now, and irresistibly invites it’s listener to explore the wide world yourself.

Adventure, freedom and fantasy are C-Mon & Kypskis magic words. The journey to Morocco is a good example as well as the album title, ‘Where the wild things are’, which is refers to the famous children book from 1963, written by Maurice Sendak with the same title. Little Max was sent to bed as a punishment and experiences all kind of adventures in the magic forest arising in his room.

No wonder the music of C&K does not have any musical borders. At first the group made it easy for themselves to be put under the genre of hiphop/turntablism, but not any more. C-Mon: “it really is a C-Mon & Kypski album, but some influences have decreased, some added. Especially rock plays a big part whereas we didn’t use guitars before. Most important, we don’t cut and paste anymore, we used less samples for this album and played a lot more instruments ourselves. We’ve grown in creating a sound.”

And so C-Mon & Kypski unite a whole lot of genres into their own sound, from afrobeat to electro, a psychedelic dreamtrack that is coverted to a pumping rocksong. Where do you find klezmer and tango seamless united into one song? Of course, C-Mon & Kypski.

Until now C-Mon & Kypski did every dirty job on the album themselves, but on their new album they thankfully make use of the services of rappers Sadat X (Brand Nubian, USA) Pete Philly and Kain (The Last Poets, USA) saxophone player Benjamin Herman (New Cool Collective) The Amsterdam Klezmer Band and the rockers of Voicst also collaborated on the album.


Vinyl Voodoo (2002)
Static Traveller (2004)
Where the Wild Things are (2006)