CMP 4 Change

CMP 4 Change


We are the end time table turners Like in John 2:14-17/ Our mission is to turn the tables in today’s church and create an atmosphere where the Spirit of God can have His way uncensored as we minister through music.


CMP(Christ's Mouth Peice) 4 Change is a group of young adults who love God and have a passion for true ministry.

Formed in January 2008, CMP 4 Change is already blazing the trail to success. Individually, members of CMP 4 Change remain faithful to their home churches and ministries sticking to their motto of “being the change they sing about.” Collectively, they have ministered to thousands of people throughout the Philadelphia Tri-state area.
With a dedicated mission to promote positive change CMP 4 Change has formed partnerships and friendships with churches, community groups, and other Christian Artists throughout Philadelphia and surrounding counties.

Our name is Christ’s Mouth Piece 4 Change because we have been commissioned to bring Gods glory back to his house. We must prepare the way for Christ, so that He can have his way. We are the end time table turners. What is an end time table turner? Think about John 2:14-17 where Jesus came into the temple and it was filled with money changers, and salesmen. This angered Jesus causing Him to turn over the tables, and chase the people out of the temple with a whip. Jesus said “My house should be a house of prayer but you turned it to a den of thieves”.
"We are instruments of praise being used for the Glory of God. We believe that music is the drawing piece, but the anointing is the changing force."

“We’re not here to entertain, but we’re here to praise his name & that’s what we’re gonna do”!


Not An Entertainer

Written By: Lov'Lee Sartor & Oliver M. Fallins Jr.

I’m not here to entertain, I was sent to praise his name and that’s what I’m gonna do, that’s what I’m gonna do. I don’t care what people say I was sent to praise his name, and that’s what I’m gonna do, that’s what I’m gonna do.


If you’re looking for a high note just to get your praise on, then it’s something wrong, yeah it something wrong. You need to pray about that. And if you think you need a shout beat, just for you to move your feet. Then I suggest you pray for God to change your ways.
Causes see I don’t need no music to give God a praise. Won’t you ask him if he needed music to wake you up today? See this aint entertainment its ministry. I suggest you pray for God to change your ways.


So when you clap don’t clap for me No. When you dance don’t dance for me No. And when you shout don’t shout for me, cause all I am is a nobody. So, clap your hands if you really love Jesus, do you dance if he’s been good, saint of God Shout Hallelujah cause he’s worthy of the highest praise. Saints of God shout Hallelujah.

Words & Music By,
Lov’Lee N. Sartor & Oliver M. Fallins Jr.


Not An Entertainer Single was released on April 2008.

This song has been or is being played on the following radio stations;

PIXY 103 - Homegrown Radio Show
Spiritco1 Christian Internet Radio
The Unsigned Hour Radio Show
AnointedSoundz Radio Station
Inspirational Music Spotlight

CMP 4 Change also is featured in the Dec. 2008 issue of Gospel Synergy Magazine

Set List

Our sets are about 45mins to an hour.

Here is our song list;

1.) Not An Entertainer
2.) Stand Up
3.) He's My Yes
4.) Your Love For Me
5.) Be Thou Exalted
6.) It So Easy to Love You
7.) Lay Your Hands on Me Jesus Medley
8.) How Great is Our God
9.) This is Why I Praise You
10.) God's Got a Blessing
11.) Let it Rise
12.) Victory
13.) My Everything is Yours
14.) I worship you
15.) Blessed be the Name of the Lord