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Seoul, Seoul, South Korea | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | MAJOR

Seoul, Seoul, South Korea | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Pop


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"CNBLUE Embrace Electro-Pop-Rock on 'Cinderella' Single, New Album '2gether'"

Early last year, CNBLUE told Billboard that their common comparisons to Maroon 5 were "honorable," but that they hoped "one day we'll have our own color and our own sound and people will say, 'Oh, that sounds like CNBLUE.'" With the K-pop-rock band's latest single and album, the comparisons to Adam Levine & Co. are more striking than ever -- but that may position them to be more internationally appealing than ever.

CNBLUE Talks Maroon 5 Comparisons & Defining Their Sound at Debut NYC Show

"Cinderella" is the lead single off CNBLUE's new full-length 2gether, which sees the group embracing electronic elements more than ever. The single opens with warped vocals, zipping synths, and booming drum machines, all backing an explosive chorus and addictive hook line. "Cinderella" feels like CNBLUE's "Moves Like Jagger" moment, which was the Christina Aguilera collaboration on which Maroon 5 began embracing electronic elements, with some guitar licks specifically recalling the tune.

On the surface, there's not a ton differentiating this from what could have been put out by any other boy band in Korea, but closer listens reveal poignant live guitar and drums from the band. Plus, the single was composed and written by CNBLUE frontman Jung Yong Hwa -- an artist credit rare to find on the K-pop scene.

The "Cinderella" music video's storyline takes literal inspiration from the fairy tale, with the four members all meeting a beautiful girl only to turn around and have her disappear with nothing but a shoe left -- albeit this one isn't a glass slipper, but a bejeweled high heel.

K-Pop's 2015 Solo Debuts (So Far): Ranked

The listening experience through CNBLUE's new album 2gether swerves through electro, Top 40 areas and alternative-rock lanes. There's saxophone samples on "Hide and Seek," an undeniable '80s-dance feel on "Catch Me," and crunchy synths on "Domino," that features vocalist Whee In of rising girl group MAMAMOO, which make up the standout pop numbers. But there's undeniable rock moments on the vaguely reggae "Roller Coaster," which includes a sweet guitar solo, and a refreshing, '90s-alt-rock feel in "Hero." An unexpected-yet-exceptional moment has to be the jazz-pop cut "Hold My Hand," which hints the band has a big potential to create something great in the genre one day.

CNBLUE Backstage at Debut New York City Concert: Photos

Interestingly, CNBLUE's embracing more EDM comes as labelmates FTISLAND (the first band created under their label FNC Entertainment) began delving into a heavier rock sound, seen on their most recent LP I Will. Yet, what does stay consistent is the sentimental songwriting (nearly all of 2gether's track were written by Yong Hwa, except for "Footsteps," "Drunken Night," "Hero," all three written by CNBLUE guitarist Lee Jong Hyun, while bassist Lee Jung Shin wrote "Control") alongside the vivacious energy heard no matter what route the band takes their brand of rock. - Billboard

"CNBLUE Serves Sweet Rock-Pop on 'Can't Stop'"

The Korean rock quartet return with a new six-track EP boasting a broad range of rock-pop compositions

After earning its biggest hit on the K-Pop Hot 100 yet last February with the angsty "I'm Sorry," CNBLUE returns with "Can't Stop," which sounds sure to send the rock-pop outfit to the upper rankings of the chart again despite a 180 in sound.

Opening with a tender piano solo by lead vocalist/guitarist Yonghwa, "Can't Stop" automatically sets a romantic mood despite somber lyrics about losing a lover. The production grows more intricate but keeps its affectionate feel with soft percussion and low bass strums.

PHOTOS: Backstage With CNBLUE at Debut NYC Concert

Yet once the chorus hits, the vocals, instrumentation and overall energy of the track jump as if the band can't bear to keep their feelings subdued any longer. The chorus is made up of a stirring, easy-to-shout-along to "Can't stop me now / Can't stop me now" melody that perfectly accompanies the energetic declarations.

On the bridge, the guitar licks get harder along with strings are added to the mix leading to a chorus where each member rocks out with his respective instrument.

The music video follows the sonic theme of "Can't Stop." It opens with the band on a gloomy music video set, but picks up on the chorus where the boys and their instruments literally jump off the ground -- piano and drum set included. All the while, the romantic mood is kept by lovey-dovey scenes of Yonghwa trying to reconnect with his love interest plus the quartet playing on sets adorned with bouquets of flowers and cool-colored lighting.

"Can't Stop" doubles as the title of CNBLUE's new EP. The six-song release includes the fiesty rock jam "Diamond Girl," gritty, rock ballad "Cold Love" and gorgeous piano/string composition "Love Is," a more traditional slow-tempo track for ballad fans. Along with "Can't Stop," standout "Like a Child" is equally accessible and boasts an uplifting melody recalling Coldplay. Listen to a highlight medley of the EP below.

CNBLUE Talk Defining Their Sound at Debut NYC Show

CNBLUE recently played a pair of U.S. shows -- its first solo shows Stateside -- and told Billboard that it hopes "one day we'll have our own color and our own sound and people will say, 'Oh, that sounds like CNBLUE.'" Whether singing about heartbreak or love, CNBLUE's sweet, uplifting take on pop-rock is certainly on its way to becoming instantly recognizable across hemispheres.

CNBLUE will return to America in April with a set at the Open Concert L.A. K-Pop Festival. - Billboard

"CNBLUE Talks Maroon 5 Comparisons & Defining Their Sound at Debut NYC Show"

The Korean rock band say their first solo U.S. show "is much more meaningful for us and for our fans."

CNBLUE has all the qualities of your typical K-pop boy band: Charismatic, good-looking and talent in singing, acting, rapping, playing instruments and beyond.

But the quartet is far from a boy band. Most often compared to acts like Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz, CNBLUE -- consisting of lead vocalist/guitarist Yonghwa, guitarist Jonghyun, drummer Minhyuk and bassist Jungshin -- is one of the few Korean rock bands that can compete with the idols on the K-Pop Hot 100. In fact, the guys earned their highest-charting entry yet on the K-Pop chart last February when their single "I'm Sorry" peaked at No. 2, spending five weeks inside the Top 10.

And their fans are just as dedicated as any boy band's.

For the first time ever, CNBLUE brought its show to the East Coast with a performance at New York's Best Buy Theater on Jan. 21. While the show was announced in December, no one could have predicted the fierce snowstorm would plague fans waiting in line from early hours of the morning to get the best spot in the general admission pit. The temperature refusing to rise above 14 degrees was a stat not lost on the band.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Backstage With CNBLUE in New York City

"We're really worried about our fans who have been waiting since the wee hours of the morning outside," Yonghwa, via translator, said to Billboard, the only media CNBLUE agreed to speak with before its New York debut. "We've dreamt of playing New York for a long time so we're glad that it's finally happening. Especially because it's our first concert of 2014, we want to really go out, even if we faint, we really just want to give it our all... but even if only one fan came, we still would have done the show."

And it's that humble, dedicated mindset that has taken CNBLUE so far in the K-pop scene.

Instead of being discovered by recruiters and trained by an entertainment agency, the members of CNBLUE sharpened their skills playing as street musicians in Japan and South Korea. Since its official 2009 debut, the group has steadily risen to be competitive with top Korean acts.

"Most of the K-pop groups are defined by dancing, showmanship and those kinds of things," Yonghwa added. "But because we're a band, we think it's a great quality that all our performances are done live."

Their unique qualities have transferred over to the Billboard charts. "Re:BLUE: CNBLUE 4th Mini Album" went to No. 1 on the World Albums chart in February andcharted on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart, meaning an entry on the Billboard 200 wasn't far off. In fact, the guys chalk up their first American solo show to a result of their strong chart showing.

NEXT: "We hope that one day people will say, 'Oh that sounds like CNBLUE.'" - Billboard

"CNBLUE to Spread Korean Rock in America With 2 U.S. Dates on World Tour"

The South Korean rock outfit will hit LA and NYC in January.

Following K-pop boy band U-KISS announcing three American tour dates, South Korean rock band CNBLUE has booked two U.S. shows for its Blue Moon World Tour Live.

After performing in both New York and Los Angeles in 2012, the four-member outfit -- which boasts 2.4 million fans on Facebook -- will return to play one show in both cities again in late January.

On Friday, December 13, at 4 p.m. local time, fans 16 years and older will be able to purchase tickets via AXS and Powerhouse Live.

This year, CNBLUE earned its highest-charting hit on the K-Pop Hot 100 with "I'm Sorry," (above) peaked at No. 2 in February. The group also sent "Feel Good" (below), a song selected for Samsung's 2013 Galaxy Music Project, to No. 15 in August.

The rock group also felt love from U.S. fans who sent its "Re:BLUE: CNBLUE 4th Mini Album" EP to No. 1 on Billboard's World Albums chart that same month. - Billboard



2010 1st Mini Album – Bluetory ‘I’m a Loner’
2010 2nd Mini Album – Bluelove ‘Love’
2011 1st Full Length Album – FIRST STEP ‘Intuition’
2012 3rd Mini Album – EAR FUN ‘Hey You’
2013 4th Mini Album – Re:BLUE ‘I’m Sorry’
2013 Best Album – PRESENT ‘Lady’
2014 5th Mini Album – Can’t Stop ‘Can’t Stop’ 
2015 2nd Full Length Album - 2GETHER 'Cinderella'

2009 VOICE
2010 THANK U
2011 392
2014 WAVE 
2015 WHITE 



Trendy Modern Rock, Hallyu Band CNBLUE

 CNBLUE has been consistently representing band music of Korea. The band has debuted in 2010 with their album, “BLUETORY,” which included their infamous debut track titled “I’m a Loner.” This track has topped the charts only after 5 days of its official release. With this track, CNBLUE has also ranked number one on numerous music programs, setting an unbelievable record. The band has continuously released hit tracks, such as: “I’m a Loner,” “Love,” “Intuition,” “I’m Sorry,” “Can’t Stop,” and “Cinderella.” Ever since their debut, the public has acknowledged the band’s trendy and modern music style.

In February of 2012, the band has released their second single album in Japan, titled “Where You Are,” which topped the Oricon Weekly Charts, being the first international band to earn the title in 41 years. The band has also been recognized in China, winning the Most Popular International Band Award in the 15th Pop Chinese Music Award Ceremony. CNBLUE has released a total of 41 albums throughout Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc. Their most recent album, “2gether” has topped the iTunes charts throughout Asia, proving their international popularity once again.

Currently, CNBLUE has been participating in their Japan Arena Tour, Asia Tour, and World Tour, with all live performances, impressing many fans worldwide. Their world tour titled “CNBLUE WORLD TOUR ‘BLUE MOON,’” has especially been recognized for gathering more than 120,000 fans, allowing the band to secure their title as a global band.