BandHip Hop

Quality Hip-Hop from Seattle, WA, with an underground and mainstream appel to our sound. We give 110%, this is what we do!


Boths of us have been doing music since grade school, started the group around 2006. Since then have gotten radio-play on KUBE 93.3's Sunday Night Sound Session, performed at The Pista Sa Nayon Seafair event, featured on Little Brother's Good Clothes Mixtape, and have released our own mixtape FREE for download on myspace.com/cnoteave.


Holdin it down (Kube 93 Sunday Night sound session & Featured on Little Brother's Good Clothes Mixtape)
For the longest time (Kube 93 Sunday Night sound session)
The Free Mixtape (free release on our website)

Set List

We have performed songs like "Put it down" & "So good" for The Pista Sa Nayon, but we have all sorts of songs to cater to any Hip-Hop audience.