C-Note Ave

C-Note Ave

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We are two versitile Hiphop artists with a very different type of style that can dip into just about any genre and compose something you'd store on your ipod


C-Note Ave was created about three years ago but has been brewing within us since grade school. We met up then and every since have connected through music effortlessly. What sets us apart from other artists is that we don't just say anything and call it hiphop. We strive to make music that represents us as a group and that represents Seattle hiphop as a whole.


Holdin it down- Kube 93.3
For the longest time- Kube 93.3
Little Brother-Good Clothes mixtape/Riddin Big Radio

Set List

Only set we've done was Two songs at 3mins each, we can do anything we have so much music to offer.