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Dallas, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Dallas, TX | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop Neo Soul





When it comes to Texas and it’s place in Hip-Hop, the lineage goes almost as far back as the genre does. Despite this, sometimes the state takes a backseat to areas like Atlanta, Chicago or even most recently, South Florida, despite it’s major contributions to the scene. One of it’s newest exports is Dallas rapper Coach Tev, who checks in with his fire new project, I Fell In Love With My Mistress.

At only 7-tracks and 28-minutes long, the project is at a perfect run-time for today’s dwindling attention spans. Despite being so short, the project is jam-packed with superb lyricism, enlightening poetry, creative concepts and top-notch production provided almost exclusively from Tev’s cousin and frequent collaborator, Cambino.

Standouts from the project include, “Wizard Kelly,” a bouncy, infectious track that serves as the resident banger, “Me, You & Your Friend,” the wavy, synth driven track that see’s Tev dive into his most iniquitous fantasies and “Sin City” probably the most polished and well-developed track on the project that captures everything he was trying to convey in the projects tittle.

With a string of music videos to follow the stellar project, we could see the Dallas rep blow sooner than later. Either way, just remember where you heard it first. Peep below. - Ashton Howard


Up & coming Dallas native Coach Tev is one of the more peculiar rising artists that I’ve had the chance to cover. In the age of rapid releases & consistent content, he’s taken his time to perfectly polish his craft, as well as take upon a few others. Despite a crucial amount of his fans becoming weary of it’s release, Tev finally gifts the fans with his long-awaited EP, I Fell In Love With My Mistress, & he did not disappoint.
Set to a short, but jam-packed 7-tracks produced entirely by Tev’s cousin Cambino, the EP is, in Tev’s words, rooted in the love for temptation, but more than just temptation, the love for lust. Humans by nature have this little devil inside our heads that encourages us to fuck things up when they’re at their best. Even aside from the title, throughout the whole album, this theme is more than apparent.
Standouts from the project include, “Woah Cam,” the bouncy, energetic single that showcases one of the projects more fun moments, “Wizard Kelly,” the ensuing track in which Tev plays homage to the memorable Proud Family character inspired by Magic Johnson & “Sin City,” perhaps the best song on the EP, that without a doubt encapsulates everything theme Tev described about the project.
With his highly anticipated EP finally released, be on the lookout for Coach Tev’s impending ascension which is bound to happen sooner than later. Listen to I Fell In Love With My Mistress below & get familiar with Coach Tev. - Ashton Howard


Coming from Dallas, Texas, native Coach Tev has been silently carving out a lane for himself since 2015. With singles like, “Lefty” & “Midnight Cruiser” gaining respectable numbers on SoundCloud, Tev is now gearing up to release his new EP, I Fell in Love With My Mistress. But before he does that, he drops off his new video for, “Woah Cam.”
Produced by Cambino, “Woah Cam” is classic Coach Tev at his best. Meshing easy-to-digest cadences with a lyricism that requires a second, sometimes third listen to completely understand the message at hand. Tev absolutely destroys the pristine production from Cambino over a calm, but impactful visual directed by former LA Film Festival winner, Ciara Boniface.
With his highly anticipated EP slated to drop 11/30, get familiar with the Dallas native by watching his video below. - Ashton Howard


Another day, another dope Soundcloud find. After going through a few cuts on Soundcloud, my recommendations took me in the direction of rising Dallas, Texas rapper Coach Tev. Making his official DC debut, the rising talent drops off his extremely gritty, Potillo-produced BANGER titled “Lefty.” - Joey


With great honor, I would like to present to all of you Coach Tev’s newest track, “Bougie Heaux.”

This jazzy, smoky track is perfect for a night drive through the city. Definitely reminds me of an old movie. “Bougie Heaux” is one of those tracks that you can feels the emotions behind, which is something I absolutely love writing about.

One of my favorite things about this track is the use of saxophone. Sax is pretty much the backbone for “Bougie Heaux,” but you don’t need a lot of sax. A little goes a long way, and Coach Tev used the perfect amount. Without any further adieu, it’s my pleasure to present to you all Coach Tev’s latest track, “Bougie Heaux!” Check it out below. - Dylan

"With All Due RESPECT (3/15)"

Last but not least, we check in with Dallas, Texas native Coach Tev and his smooth but brutally honest track, “Midnight Cruiser”. The title of the song describes it perfectly as it sounds like the ideal joint to play in your whip after leaving shortie’s crib at two in the morning. If we’re being honest, this and “My Collection” from Future should be placed in the Player’s Hall of Fame. “I push the two tone Chevy Caprice, down the street we can meet twice a week if you keep it discreet/ me no want conversation, I ain’t quiet ‘bout that/ and I ain’t sneaking through ya window, I’ll just slide through the back,” flows the self-proclaimed Heartthrob Teazy on the second verse, creating a soundtrack to discreet hook ups everywhere. After releasing dope song after dope song – see “Lefty” and “Omen” – it won’t be long before the industry takes notice of the rhymespitter. With his intriguing voice and his unconventionally tranquil cadence style, Coach Tev should be playing in speakers everywhere soon. Be early to the party, check out “Midnight Cruiser” below. - Ashton Howard

"Dallas Rappers Dropped a Christmas Haul of New Music Over the Weekend"

Two months ago, Coach Tev met a “cutie” named Chrissy, as he tells it. Instead of asking for her number on the spot, he figured he’d see her again and let serendipity do the rest. But the meeting affected Tev and inspired this interlude, which is dedicated to Chrissy. There’s a happy ending here, too: Upon the song’s release last week, the producer of the track happened to see Chrissy’s Twitter account retweeted onto his timeline and he took the opportunity to share the song with her. Serendipity at its best. - Mikel Galicia


"Dallas is finally creating a name for itself outside of the jig/boogie movement that seemed to forever shadow us. This new movement is completing being pushed by the youth."

HipHopDX Premiere!

Wondering how "Omens" came about? Check out what Coach Tev had to say about his new single and his thought on the Dallas scene:

So as far as the creating the track goes, we had a fellow bass/flute player add some live instrumentation to the original drum pattern Drugs the Model Citizen started off with. Our engineer was feeling the vibe of the session so much he decided to freestyle a guitar solo as well. Drugs then arranged all the instruments and created the production you heard so major shout out to that guy. The beat is loosely based off the first few seconds on the 1974 Midnight Movers' track 'Lost For Words.'

Although there are few direct lines related to the idea of the title (Omens), this is the first track I can say I put my complete all into. We knew when we first layed our vocals down that this track has potential to push us to the next level, whatever that may be. And here we are getting a premiere from one of the most prestigious blogs in the hip hop community, hence the title.

As far as the Dallas music scene, I could literally talk about it for hours. I've only been paying close attention to the scene for probably the last two years. However, in this amount of time I have managed to watch and get out and meet a lot of the cats out here who are making a name for themselves. Dallas is finally creating a name for itself outside of the jig/boogie movement that seemed to forever shadow us. This new movement is completing being pushed by the youth. From Crit Life, to Iras, to G.U.N., to Blue, the Misfit, our city has no choice but to blow up in the next few years. It is crazy too because we can all literally sense the energy of what is to come. The explosion of Post Malone and Justus' involvement in the latest Dr. Dre album are simply a forewarning of what it to come, and it is about time. -Coach Tev - Sparkle Pratt

"La Musica (Local Love): Coach Tev – Omens (ft. Drugs, The Model Citizen & Rei Altru)"

“I’m not gonna lie, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho inspired the main idea of Omens”, says Tev. You can hear it in the hook:

Do you see what I see how it’s meant to be? Dawg ignoring all these signs is like a sin to me.

During the spring while creating the record, says Coach Tev, I was at a time in my life when I fully began to understand the power of seeing your life into existence. This is also the first record I can say I full invested myself in (time and financially). Feels like I finished a book or something. Sometimes you just get into one of those creative spells and shit just comes to you. Sounds cliche as hell but hustlers and artists in all shapes and forms understand where I’m coming from.

Also, the actual word ‘omens’ has so negative of a reputation that most people don’t realize that there’s also such thing as a ‘good omen.’

The song features a dope vocalist by the name of Rei Altru & is produced by Drugs, The Model Citizen. - Christian Banuelos

"Omens - Coach Tev ft. Drugs the Model Citizen & Rei Altru"

I promise you there's no better feeling than getting some quality music in your email. Especially from an artist you we're unfamiliar. Well let me do you, yes you a favor. Meet Coach Tev. I'm pretty sure he's a part of the underground Channel X collective. I got to say this song is extremely well put together. Like a novel from your favorite author. It has a beginning, middle, and end. The instrumental via Drugs The Model Citizen is smooth & progressive. You won't get bored through the 6 minute track I promise you. This is a hip-hop home run. Please don't sleep. - Michael Connor


Still working on that hot first release.



Coach Tev’s low valence intensity is born of a genuine artistry. With influence that ranges from Future to James Blake to Mobb Deep, you’ll hear a number of familiar musical voices nodding in agreement with the conglomeration that is the Coach Tev brand. Your favorite rapper was likely a predatory hustler at one point, but it’s more than likely they were never pushing graphic design weight through the campus grounds. It’s likely your favorite rapper doesn’t have a degree in film from a major public university. It’s likely your favorite rapper has never taken forays into photography on a whim. With roots in a collegiate poetry collective and creative testament founded from the sultry calls of Jill Scott, Coach began to reformulate and reiterate the expressive spirit in his own unique rap language around 2012. Suave but unforced, the new-90’s style post-hipster curator has stirred just enough punchiness into his art to take the listener hostage without any hint of forceful intimidation – just enough to make you look at something you won’t want to turn away from. If you listen to the recent web-hit Ay Dios Mio!, you’ll be pulled into a specific place and time and emotion that will, paradoxically, force you to want to the explore familiar grounds of his lyrics. There is a captivity about the wise Coach’s bars; avant-garde while tranquil, that leaves the listener in an ancient-future time warp. Despite a crucial amount of his fans becoming weary of it’s release, on November 30, 2018, Tev finally gifted his supporters the with his long-awaited EP, I Fell In Love With My Mistress. 

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