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"Haunted Coachhouse"

By Stephen Markley
For RedEye
Published August 21 2008

As far as musical styles go, no one can accuse CoachHouse of creating a bland sound.

Comprised of Michigan transplants, the band's tunes are the result of a melding of eclectic musical tastes into an electronic-infused hip-hop.

"Basically what happened is, Andrew was in this hip-hop-style band while I was doing post-rock instrumental stuff," says Andrew Stefano, who toggles between vocals, the guitar and keyboard.

The Andrew he refers to is the "other Andrew"--Andrew Lechtner.

Lechtner performs vocals and dabbles in the keyboard for the band. He and Stefano have been friends since high school, along with drummer Ed Leto. When the three of them made the move to Chicago in October, they picked up bassist Dustin McAdams and found themselves with an abundance of musical influences competing for their attention.

"Yeah, I think the bassist is into metal. That's how it goes," Letchner says.

The result is a haunting, eerie hip-hop that allows Letchner to explore lyrically while Stefano and the rest of the band go looking for excitement musically.

"I like taking two or three seconds of a story and drawing it out," Letchner says of his songwriting style. "Focusing on that moment."

This musical melting pot had its roots in a coach house--thus the origin of the band's name.

"We formed in a coach house, started playing in a coach house and, yes, continue in a coach house," Stefano says. "It seemed like a suitable name."

In these coach house sessions, the band hits its stride when everyone is contributing.

"It's easy to add any kind of flavor you want," Lechtner says. "And that's also where it becomes so fun.",0,213238.htmlstory

[ Michael Schmitt is a RedEye special contributor. ] - RedEye Chicago

""An Exploration of Noises and Sounds""

Wassup! December 2008 article

By: Joshua Card

"CoachHouse catches your ear with their rap-like rhythms and rockish solos and guitar riffs. Indie or alternative may be a more accurate way of describing them. Needless to say the vocals at times flips so fast it almost sounds like the Micro Machine Man is singing the lirycs himself. Interesting distortions and beats parade side by side while the conventional stares the unconventional in the eyes.

If you are looking for a label to help you visualize their sound I'd start with The Butthole Surfers meets Nada Surf and The Postal Service for the first time.What an exelent ruckus they present. What a confusion of the senses they give."
- Wassup! Chicago

"Betta Promotions Review"

"Original is never original they say always recycled. But when you see
these guys live you almost have to question it. They are almost a
breath of fresh air in these days of the fall out boy scenes. They
have grown stronger and tighter since we caught onto them about a year
ago. Not only have we personally seen this happen before our own eyes
but we've also seen the dirt they get for being different. And guess
what? They don't care. They know they are talented, they have to. They
work to hard everyday at it. They've deserved every show they've been
landing at places such as Reggie’s, Schuba’s,
The Empty Bottle and Subterranean. Pretty awesome coming from playing
free shows every week at dive bars, such as Lillys. You will catch on,
even if you don't want to right now. They'll be playing strong till
and during the apocalypse."
-Rebecca of Betta Promotions - Betta Promotions


Lull- EP 2008

Welcome To Jangus- LP (Summer 2009)



CoachHouse is what happens when 3 friends from
Michigan team up with a Chicago land native and decide to create music together.
The band has been together since February 2007 and has been actively playing the
Chicago music scene for the past year, including such venues as
Schuba's, Subterranean, The Empty Bottle, The Elbow Room and Reggie's Rock Club.

The band is currently recording their first full length album due out summer of 2009.