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CoachHouse is an experimental rock outfit from Chicago that blends influences cross genres. The band creates an eclectic sound that is all their own.


CoachHouse is what happens when 3 friends from
Michigan team up with a Chicago land native and decide to create music together.
The band has been together since February 2007 and has been actively playing the
Chicago music scene for the past year, including such venues as
Schuba's, Subterranean, The Empty Bottle, The Elbow Room and Reggie's Rock Club.

The band is currently recording their first full length album due out summer of 2009.



Written By: CoachHouse

Red-eyed and exhausted, the fantasy slowly becomes reality.
Physical goals dissipate over the time took to dissapoint even the most hopeful overseer falls.
Back against walls, thumbtacks.
Just deep enough for one drop of red wine to trickle down her vine.
Fear of expiring a single digit makes this movie sad and difficult to live it.
We few do it and mange with a plastic smile indifference.
The difference is this.

Memories of menacing tendencies get me out out of my bed. I come back red.


Lull- EP 2008

Welcome To Jangus- LP (Summer 2009)