Rene  ~Powerhouse Speaker~ Reyes
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Rene ~Powerhouse Speaker~ Reyes

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco, Portugal | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | INDIE

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco, Portugal | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2004
Solo Spoken Word A Capella




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(Speak Into Existence With Rene Reyes)

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Meet Rene Reyes
Award Winning Motivational Speaker/Orator

With so many fascinating layers etched onto her creativity and success canvas, Millionaire Success Coach and Motivational Speaker, Ren Reyes is one of the most exciting mentor, coach or speakers to take center stage!

Born to a European mother and Mozambique/Puerto Rican father; migrating to the United States and adjusting to the new world and culture around her; Rene and her family would find themselves facing adversity homelessness and tragedy. So from a very young age, Ren knew achieving success and owning her rightful calling in life, she could surive anything!

Therefore, after completing undergraduate degrees in Social Sciences , Physical Sciences and a Master's degree in English Rhetoric/Composition; Ren attended Law School to help fight for justice in the murder of her daughter. After successfully gaining the closure she needed on this issue, Ren spent many years accepting why she was put in this terrible position in life and immediately started to share this horrific loss with women's groups around the world. Through pain, tears and agony, and from a place she calls "strict obedience", Ren would touch the souls of so many in over 26 countries!


Always a good student, Ms. Reyes used her great success as a Legal Moot Court trainer and award winning first place Orator in various competitions under the guidance of Judge Craig Veals, Attorney MItchell Young, and Dr. Jeannie Curran,Esq. to help others work out various issues that would hinder their professional and personal progress in everyday life. These same expert negotiation tactics have catipulted her into multi-mega success professionally and personally!

Ms. Reyes legal negotiations expertise has been extended to various large Fortune 500 corporations to improve productivity and visibility in English, Spanish and Portuguese, thus increasing their profit margins and bottom lines by 400%!!!


A grammy award winning ghostwriter, International Poet Laureate recipient, numerous awards for her incredible heart wrenching and empowering poetic testimonies. Ms Reyes was awarded Most Distinguished Female Speaker by the Empowerment facilitators of GCI International.
A Keynote speaker for Associao de Mulheres Internacionais em Portugal, supporting speaker for UNHCR events in Europe and Africa., Keynote speaker for Health seminars and Breast Cancer awareness through the Watts Health foundation and Kaiser Health Foundations.
Also, Ms Reyes was a Keynote Coach/Speaker with the Toastmaster group through the Crystal Cathedral in Southern California. Toastmaster aggressively sought after to encourage and inspire men and women who needed support and guidance in their next career paths and thanks to their connection and commitment to Rene Reyes, success was attained!

Ms Reyes was keynote guest poet-orator for The Marsh Engle "Amazing Woman's Day" series over three different events in three different cities! Each recitation ended with a standing ovation! This is where her dynamic series, "Perfect in my Imperfections" was shared in America, which is designed to rid everyone from those past demons of failure that is robbing business entrepreneurs of their present and future success!


Ren Reyes, with volunteers, staff and colleagues has taken on great steps to give back nationwide! As an originating founder for the inncer city bus ministries through her church, GCFI, years were invested into a group of lost youth and their disavantaged families to instill their greatness and worth, first in how God may see them and also how to survive the harshest critics in the projects where they resided. The messages of hope and encouragement rang louder than the liberty bell and it was most fulfulling watching the lives and families be turned around from a death sentence of absolute failure, to a life sentence of success.

Ms. Reyes, with the assistance of her Portuguese and Puerto Rican family, staff members, volunteers in America and the will of God to make a change, huge anonymous donations were made from their hearts to Katrina victims to help certain celebrity artist rebuild their cities. If you were to ask Ms Reyes why did they take the anonymous route, she would say, "it wasnt about us or bragging rights for vain notoriety. It was sleeping at night in blissful prominence for helping give some young