Coastal Bend

Coastal Bend


Coastal Bend plays original songs written by guitarist and vocalist Tim Hudson and arranged by Tim and the band. Tim hand-picked the band from his musician friends in Victoria and created a band that loves to play music together.


Coastal Bend hails from the plains of South Texas where the Gulf of Mexico is never far away. From a good old fashioned set up of guitars, drum kit, bass and keyboards, the band plays rock, blues, alternative country originals and a few ballads to boot. Songwriter Tim Hudson has roots in blues, soul and rock and a day job in academia. The music is raw but accessible, blending for a unique Coastal Bend, Texas rock sound.


Coastal Bend has created four CDs:

Souls from Victoria (2009)
Victoria Days (2009)
Forgotten Coast (2010)
Underachievers Hall of Fame (2011)

Our CDs are available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify and Reverb Nation.

We are currently recording our fifth CD (yet unnamed) at Cedar Fever studios in Manor, Texas.

Set List

Set list determined day of gig - no pre-determined set list.