coastal sage

coastal sage


These 24 year old lads deliver a high energy dance show with conscious lyrics about equality and social struggle, as well as sultry lovers rock with positive vibes. Not to mention blistering lead guitar and funk jams.


Burning a path as a trend setting young entry into the California reggae scene, Coastal Sage is a group of life long friends and seasoned musicians who professionally and respectfully blend the traditional and the modern in Reggae Music. Heavily influenced by the music of Jamaican culture and the rising global roots music movement, Coastal Sage is uniquely able to incorporate new ideas while paying homage to the great artists of the past. With blistering lead guitar virtuosity, lyrical ability, and a diverse variety of material, audiences continue to be captivated and amazed by the talent of this group of young men from Santa Cruz California. After short touring stints with major reggae acts "Collie Buddz" and "Eek a Mouse," Coastal Sage is working on their debut studio album "All the Time," set for release in Fall 2008. Look for the bands fall tour throughout California as they promote their new Album and continue to build their rapidly growing fanbase.


- All The Time, debut studio album 09
-Coastal Sage live 2007 (recorded @ Menlo
College and live in santa cruz)
-Coastal Sage live @ the Catalyst 2008

Set List

as written by Kyle Hucklebridge by Luke DiSalvo
- Take it Easy - Don't Be Stressed
- Sand Castles in My Mind - Give Me a Draw
- All the Time - Mr. Policeman
- Wish You Were Mine - Burn One Down
- Don't Poke the Lion - sunshine
- Canada Awaits
- Tied Together written by Colin Gailey
- So Lovely - Unteachable Hottness
- Private Jets - Boom Boom Room
- Marajuana for the Poeple
- Broken Heart Song Cover Songs
- One of a Kind - Steppin Razor
- S.T.D. scavenger hunt - The Other Side
- When Your Away - Night Doctor
- Dissappearing - Mistry Babylon
- Phone Call - Stir it Up

average song lenth 4.5 to 5 minutes
average set lenth 45 to 60 minutes
we prefer to play two sets

Accoustic Duo