Coastal Vibrations

Coastal Vibrations


Uplifting progressive reggae/rock that moves you


Coastal Vibrations was formed in Baltimore, MD in late 2008 and has progressively picked up momentum with their unique style. The bands irresistible jam/rock/reggae style has their fan base growing exponentially. Made up of drummer Joey Stamboni, lead guitarist Charlie Rosenberger, rhythm guitar/bass/vocals Steve Sullivan, and rhythm guitar/bass/vocals Ben Curry, Coastal Vibrations was destined to prosper. What started as a fun jam evolved to become a powerful influence. Brought together by the same interests in music Coastal Vibrations has exhibited complete chemistry from the very start. Coastal Vibrations embodies a strong reggae feel infused with rockin’ riffs and a irresistible vibe that is enjoyable and pleasant no matter who you are. Influenced by a wide range of artists, Coastal Vibrations has created an unmistakable sound to be spread to everyone. Coastal Vibrations has caused quite the buzz at such an early juncture in their existence having shared the stage with artists such as Ballyhoo, The B Foundation, State Radio, Rehab, Three Legged Fox, Jah Works, Passafire and many others. Coastal Vibrations intends to spread good cheer and to promote positive vibes through their music.

Notable Played Venues:
Recher Theatr(Baltimore,MD)
Rams Head Live(Baltimore,MD)
Fat Tuesdays(Fairfax,VA)
Jaxx Nightclub(Springfeild,VA)
Deer Park(Newark,DE)


Coastal Vibrations EP (2009)
2)The Shore
4)Something There
5)Know & Understand
6)The Earth

Set List

We have up to three hours of original music and a few covers that we throw in. Our typical sets are 45min to an hour and include 9 to 12 songs.