Coaster Thieves

Coaster Thieves


Rebellious, unapologetic post-classic rock. Incorporating elements of punk, progressively-minded alternative and power-funk, we create a dynamic, raucous earscape of gripping, propellant rock 'n' roll. Pixy 103 Artist Of The Month for August 2009!!


Five individuals that form one raucous musical machine. On a mision to push the boundaries of Rock. Hell bent on feeding the souls of those craving musical diversity. We have some things to say. Some contributions to make. Some thoughts to provoke. Some music to create. And some goddamn fun to have. Because at the end of the day we make music because we enjoy it. We enjoy listening to it, writing it, and playing it. And if along the way we can push ourselves to create something that pushes you to expect more from music, culture, society and people, well then all the better.


push push & New Horizons available on SwiftDog Records

Set List

We have over 2 hours worth of original material. Our standard setlist primarily consists of originals peppered with a cover or two. We can perform sets from 45 minutes up to 2 hours.