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"Say Hello: Coasting"

Coasting are less then a month old.

Their first show is with Ducktails, Alex Bleeker, Best Coast and others next Wednesday. They're a duo of two ladies, one a member of Dream Diary, the other former member of the New Zealand band Coolies.

Their music is full and driving without any dead weight, like riding a tsunami that only wants to have fun, none of that drowning people stuff.

They explained to me (in the third person, no less), that "Madison [of Dream Diary] had some jams she had been jamming solo." While working a show together, they thought, "Hey, we should start a band!" They also thought we should know: "Fiona recorded with a sprained ligament in her ankle."

Download the band's eponymous track here for the first time, ever.

Posted on October 14, 2009 - Impose Magazine


Coasting is a new duo -- as in, they've been a band for like a week -- from Brooklyn that recently befriended us on myspace. These two (Fiona & Madison) make blistering, distorted blasts of simple/catchy fuzz-pop that you may be into if you feel like WAVVES' drums "aren't blown out enough." The group's first ever show is next week with other-bands-we-like Best Coast, Highlife, Ducktails, Fluffy Lumbers, and Alex Bleeker & the Freaks (curated by Group Tightener). Should be pretty tight. Check a couple more jams from the ladies' here.

coasting :: coasting

update: grab another tune at friendship bracelet - Gorilla vs. Bear


In preparation for CMJ (yeah, I stumbled upon free badge & lodging - thanks WMUA) I've been scouting shows, finding shows with bunches of bands I'd like to see and then surfin the net finding out about the bands playing those shows that I have not heard before.

Coasting is one of those bands. They're playing the CMJ-unofficial Group Tightener showcase Wednesday evening at Monster Island Basement alongside Best Coast, Alex Bleeker & the Freaks, Fluffy Lumbers (w/ Byrds of Paradise's Kenny Brown filling in), Highlife and Ducktails.

Coasting is Fiona + Madison, a guitar/vocals duo who seem to have three songs to their name, though they admit that they "have to write more songs." The two craft some surfy sort of sounds, but this is not necessarily your Corona commercial beach shit - this is huge waves rolling in from some far-off tropical depression, about to smash some quaint straw huts. Impose posted up their track "Coasting" yesterday (along with that semi-incognito photo up there), so check that out HERE, then coast down the page a bit and check out another jam "Kids," then cruise to their Myspace to peep one more, then head to the Group Tightener showcase Wednesday.

Coasting - Kids - Friendship Bracelet

"Daily News Picks"

Stream New Brooklyn Duo Coasting’s First Song “Coasting” (It’s Solid Garage Fuzz, With More Sprawling Guitar Than Wavves); Hopefully Their Album Will Also Be Called Coasting, And They Just Make Videos of Them Skimboarding on the Atlantic Coast [Gorilla vs. Bear] - Jezebel Music


7" on Group Tightener (Jan 2010)
7" on M'Lady (Mar 2010)

- 91.1 WSPN Skidmore College Radio
- WNYU, New York, NY
- WMUA, Amherst, MA
- Gorilla Vs. Bear XMU show
- Hipster Runoff XMU show



coasting started playing together in mid-september in madison's basement. fiona first came to NYC with Coolies, a new zealand riot grrl band. she fell in love with the city, decided to stay, but didn't play drums for the next 4 years.

madison (of dream diary) had been jamming some jams solo for a few months. while both working for todd p, they decided to start playing together just to see what would happen. their love of all things nostalgia (90s college rock and girl bands, surf music from the 50s, and 80s post-punk) came together in what is now...coasting!!

fiona currently lives in long island city, takes classes on karma and knits vulvas. madison lives in bushwick, works too many jobs and loves to just chill with her friends.