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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Alternative




" Trip A Review"

Here is another review I was asked to do for a very talented punk/alt rock band named Coastline Apparition. This LA band has been doing shows for the last few years and recently released their EP “Trip A”, which is a really well done album imo. Each song brings something new the album and shows you a new side of their talent and energy. This playlist is going to be a collection of the best songs off this EP, including my favorite track “Shackles”…which is just a fun song that you can see being played in a wide variety of situations. Overall I would say everyone should find at least one track in this collection that they enjoy…and with that, get to listening with your speakers turned up! - GreatistPlaylist

"Trip A E.P. Review"

Title: Trip A

Coastline Apparition is an appealing band from Los Angeles that provides a textbook example of how to mix punk energy and acoustic songcraft on their debut EP Trip A. After listening to the four smart tunes provided here, it's clear these guys won't be waiting long to find success.

The release kicks off with the infectious "Shackles", which begins with some nice acoustic licks before powering into a killer pop punk showcase. The chorus lends itself to shouting along after just one listen and the name of Green Day at its best comes to mind immediately. The second half of the tune throws in some slower but heavy riffs. The production is phenomenal throughout the release but nowhere better than here, where the power of the guitars comes through with maximum clarity.

"Nina" is a much rawer, edgier tune with some real angry and foul-mouthed lyrics. The tune has a bit of a ska/reggae touch to it and although it is technically not as heavy as "Shackles", the song comes across as burning with barely repressed fury. The vocals are more nasal and sound like they are coming from a completely different individual than the one who sang "Shackles", although credits show Richard Girges as being solely responsible for singing. Mr. Girges certainly seems to have a lot of range as well as the rare ability to put on a different "character" for each song.

We see that quality again on the mournful ballad "Bitter Sweet". This tune seems more bitter than sweet and has a real despairing feel to it. It shows the more tuneful side of Coastline Apparition, although the chorus adds heaviness and distortion. Once again, Girges manages to put a different "face" on his vocals here and it can't be emphasized enough how much that adds to the band's versatility.

The EP wraps up with "Deadpan", which again has a real strong ska feel mixed with crunchy, catchy punk riffing. David Khella really delivers the goods on lead guitar and cranks out some awesome bluesy soloing here. While we're at it, a tip of the hat is also in order to the rock-steady rhythm section. This song again features angry lyrics. It's clear these guys are not a squeaky-clean pop band but have some real issues on their minds.

It would be hard to come up with a better 4-song showcase of a band's abilities than Trip A. This is a band that has the potential to be huge.

Review by Mike Korn
Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5) - Mike Korn

"Coastline Apparition - Trip A EP Review"

Coastline Apparition is frankly a fantastic up-and-coming act coming out of the heart of Los Angeles, California. While on the surface they may appear to be a standard rock act, their music is actually much more complex then this simple genre stereotype. For a 4-song EP, Coastline Apparition has shown a diverse style of musical talent and an ability to bend the genre norms to create a new style of music that has the potential to take off like a rocket and manage to blow a hole right through the moon itself. While it is difficult to determine what bands have inspired Coastline Apparition, is is apparent to me that individuals who like acts ranging from Rise Against and Alkaline Trio to more folk/punk based artists like East Coast favorite River City Extension will find this band to be a refreshing blend of their musical ideas without sounding at all like a rip off. In short, Coastline Apparition is paving a way for themselves in a variety of musical genres that are often bogged down with mediocrity.


Coastline Apparition touches on a variety of musical styles. One moment you may be hearing very engaging, yet standard, rock-and-roll stylings, then quickly afterwards the song may take a dynamic change is blow out into a full punk-rock styled chorus in the vein of bands like Rise Against. Additionally, the band takes inspiration and fuses riffs and melodies found in styles like the blues and folk rock as well; making for a very eclectic listening experience. I am also happy to say that this band has found a way to incorporate interesting guitar effects (like a wah pedal), and also feature the bass guitar on more occasions then most bands these days tend to as well. Their single "Shackles" is particularly notable because of how it blends such a range of music, with fantastic galloping guitar rhythms and high flying choral sections that instantly gets me up and on my feet (when I am not sitting here and writing a review, of course!). As such, I cannot deny that this band has a "pop" sensibility; but their music is interesting enough to warrent multiple listens and stand out from other artists that typically infultrate the mainstream.

Moving away from this general coverage of Coastline Apparition's sound, I must say that I love the mix and tonality of all of the instruments. It is really just spot on, and there is no a thing I would really change in any of these songs. The only major complaint I have is in regards to the chord progression featured in their track "Bitter Sweet," which feels somewhat contrived. Ultimately though, the track unfolds in such a manner that makes it more interesting then it originally appears; however I felt this was still worth noting as a relatively small flaw against this EP. Aside from this, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the tracks on this album. The track "Deadpan" is entertaining because of it's incorporation of classic rock/reggae styled verse riffs, and some simplistic choruses reminscient of most punk rock bands. All of these tracks flow from one to the next, maintain a good concept of who this band is throughout the EP, and undoubtedly provide for some excellent live concert content.

There is little I can complain about with regards to the sound of the Trip A E.P. Honestly, I would purchase this album twice without much hesitation to give to a friend of mine.


The vocals found on the Trip A E.P. by Coastline Apparition are perhaps some of my favorites found in music, especially from a style of music such as this. Without a doubt, the vocalist is very talented. He is able to sing and express the lyrics of these songs in such a great way, with vocals ranging from essentially yelled phrases (as is typical of punk rock), to a more melodic variety of singing as well. I cannot help but imagine this band being featured in a skateboard video, because the style is unique and yet very accessible.

The lyrics themselves are very meaningful as well, and never feel like they do not fit the atmosphere of the music. They are rather exceptional for the style of music as well. With flying choruses featuring lyrics like: "Shackles, Shackles/Get me out of these" one cannot help but be pulled into the songs and have an easy time singing along as well. In short, the lyrics to these songs are heart-felt and meaningful without feeling over the top or ridiculous in any way. The lyrics and music in general will undoubtedly appeal to your angst ridden teenagers, yet still be able to be respected by many musicians and older folks as well!


I thoroughly enjoyed Coastline Apparition's E.P. Trip A. In all honesty, I am not one to really listen to music in this style too frequently (with a few notable exceptions); however this band has converted me into a loyal follower without a doubt. They have renewed my hope for what punk rock styled music can be, and I imagine them gaining a lot of popularity in the times to come. Each track on this - Ulalumne of Infobarrel

"Coastline Apparition Band Review"

Once again I have found a great band that offers more than formulated pop riffs with campy lyrics. The band is Coastline Apparition and this alternative/punk combo band has a lot to offer. The first track I heard was "Sharon Takes the Cake" and it grooved. The tune has a nice production quality as well as high entertainment value. "Miss Wiggy" was next on my playlist and it actually had a completely different composition and story. This is rare as most bands today will have a cookie cutter sound where all the songs sound the same. Coastline does not adhere to this kind of songwriting as each track has its own unique story and groove.

Next up was "Canteen Love" and it holds the listeners attention with a special home grown quality and charm. You can really tell that these performers are serious about their craft and fully intend to make it in the music scene. By the time I got to the track called "Spoiled" I was hooked. Coastline Apparition has a lot of heart and soul in a cold and souless industry. They are very refreshing and never over-do the production. The tracks are simple and easy to groove to without the wall of effects and over produced sound that so many other groups insist on using.

Coastline Apparition is a back to basics and to the point roots rock band that can sling the heavy riffs when needed as they do so masterfully on the song "Shackles". This post punk prodigy track gives the listener a real history of rock and punk sound without being a copy cat of any particular historic band.

Overall Coastline Apparition takes the listener on a soulful and meaningful journey on each track and holds the listeners attention easily. There are not many bands that can pull this off and I don't see any issues that would hold them back from fame and fortune in the music industry. Listeners love their kind of music and always have because it is original and captivating.

This four piece combo consits of Members: Richard, David, Francis, Carlos
and they have just released a professionally recorded 4 song E.P. titled "Trip A" that can be found on SoundCloud or on their main website at:

Mr. Lee
Absolute Media
Producer for The Siege Cats - Mr. Lee, Absolute Media

"Deadpan Song Review"

Coastline Apparition - Trip A E.P. - ?DEADPAN'
REVIEW - by Mandy Kane @ The Majestika Creative

Close your eyes, and picture a couple of ever so slightly jaded skater kids gliding by on their boards, against the backdrop of a brooding ocean on the brink of a storm. This scene is set by the opening tremolo guitar of ?Deadpan', which gradually builds with hits of reggae and ska before exploding into a driving punk rock chorus. Like the rest of the ?Trip A' E.P., ?Deadpan' is solid from a production perspective, with
multiple layers of chunky guitars suitably weighty in the right sections; particularly in the epic outro. If anything, the track wanders around the middle, featuring an impressive guitar solo that perhaps edges on indulgent in terms of its length.

The vocals are gritty, but melodic enough to keep the song doing laps of your brain. Lyrics are well written, to complement the overall feel of the track. ?I seem to magnify trouble, it sort of seems to chase after me...', is a line that seems to sum up ?Deadpan' - a song that
is constantly trying to stay cool and laid back, but eventually erupts into a raucous and somewhat menacing finale.

You can check out ?Deadpan' from the ?Trip A' E.P. here:

Check it.
Overall rating: 4/5 - Mandy Kane, The Majestika Creative


Calling Bluffs - E.P. (2015)

  • Self-Recorded, mixed and mastered at Battle Panda Productions
Scope Creep - E.P. (Sep. 2013)
  • Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Battle Panda Productions

New Beginnings, Old Habits - L.P. (Dec. 2012)                                                    
  • Recorded and mixed at Battle Panda Productions
  • Mastered by David Collins (Madonna, Weezer, Soundgarden)

New Beginnings - Single (Dec. 2012)                                                                  
  • Recorded and mixed at Battle Panda Productions

Mother Aren't You Proud - E.P. (Sep. 2012)
  • Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Battle Panda Productions

Mother Aren't You Proud - Single (Aug. 2012)
  • Recorded and mixed at Battle Panda Productions



Emerging from the crevices of East Los Angeles in early 2009, Coastline Apparition has been crafting their own brand of alternative rock ever since, taking the best that punk, folk, and old school rock 'n' roll have to offer and making it their own.  

Through a mix of relentless gigging and stubborn determination, the quartet elbowed it's way onto the LA music scene proper in late 2012 with the release of their debut LP, "New Beginnings, Old Habits", eventually sharing the stage with Unwritten Law, Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, and founding members of Social Distortion.  In 2013 the band released their "Scope Creep" EP further defining their presence and sound, followed up by their 2015 EP, "Calling Bluffs".

Coastline Apparition continues to perform throughout Los Angeles as they record their second full length album, from well known hot-spots such as the Hollywood House of Blues, to intimate bars with thriving music scenes like Spike's Bar & Billiards in Rosemead.

Coastline Apparition has recently appeared on:

  • 106.7 KROQ Locals Only (voted into the top 5 four weeks in a row, eventually being voted into #1 spot)
  • DJ Rossstar's LIVE! webTV Show
  • Arenas Promotion E-Magazine Interview
  • PCC Spazmaster's Domain Radio Show (Interview, Live performance, Debut single, "Mother Aren't You Proud")
  • 88.9 Lancer Radio (Interview, Acoustic performance)
  • "Talent Showcase" Android phone App ("Shackles" single featured in the app)
  • 92.5 KYHY The Why ("Shackles" single / "Deadpan" in rotation)
  • 92.5 "Marijuana Music" (Interview, Acoustic performance)
  • LA Punk Noir Radio ("Shackles" single and "Nina" in rotation)
  • CXBL Paintball Battle Episode ("Shackles" featured in episode). Youtube Video can be found here:
  • Outside The Dial Radio ("Shackles" single featured)

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