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Coat Check


Coat Check, a five-piece alternative crew from Ontario, has made their mark on their hometown and is ready to move up and on. Gellatly and Stajcer blend jazz, alt-rock, and indie-pop in their songwriting. The band has subtly captured the hearts of a fan base that strangely stretches to Boise, Idaho.


The band comes as a breath of fresh air from amongst the blaring country bar bands and belligerent punk rockers. With a few heavier tunes, they've got a solid mix of semi-acoustic enticement: jazz, heaving build-ups, tinkling piano parts, happily sung lyrics about human tragedy, the unexplained need to dance and tap your feet, and the ever-trendy walking bass-line.
Formed in 2005, this five-piece mellow alt-pop act has grown to local stardom in the musically diverse town of Hespeler, Ontario. The year 2006 saw the release of a few hundred 4-track demos, all of which were sold within a couple months. Coat Check also played a steady lineup of shows throughout 2006, including a battle of the bands in Guelph, Ontario, where they won the fan choice portion of the contest. Two-thousand seven would see new challenges arise. The group would play their biggest show yet - a 30-minute live radio set on, the University of Toronto's student radio station. However, with university looming, the band had to slow down.
But 2008 would come, and Coat Check was asked to play with the London-based band Juniper Skies. This show allowed Coat Check to rediscover the passion they had for their music, and now a year more mature, to refocus their interests. Not to mention everyone had improved over the time off and had time to reflect on how to improve as a band. Now, better than ever and with new ideas about their art, Coat Check is ready to take on the world.


Day Dreaming Demo (2006)
Live on (2007)

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Set List

Originals: Day Dreaming, Solidarity, Headaches, For You Sophie, Suburbia, 11:11, Sunshine Eyes

Covers: Here Comes The Sun

Constantly working on new material as well as covers