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"Recent Quotes"

"Usually I just phone it in on these nights, and I don't really have any fun. But you guys were a blast tonight, I really enjoyed myself. You're the best band I've seen play here, especially on a weekday, in a REALLY long time" - Doug, sound engineer at the Elbo Room in Chicago.

"You are the best band I've ever seen play here" - Chris, sound engineer at The Mix in Chicago.

"I Love This!" Tom Marker of WXRT Chicago 93.1 FM

"Look forward to a high energy show from a band that gives their fans everything they have." - The Chicago Flame

"You guys sound great!" Pete Francis of Dispatch

"Four sexy twenty-somethings" Antioch College Record

"Most popular musical outlet on campus" The Oberlin Review - various

"Cobalt Engages 'Sco Crowd with Elemental Rock"

By Tenisha Phipps

’Sco patrons were full of anticipation on Friday as they waited to see a local favorite, Cobalt. Allie Plotsky (drums), Matt Hartgering (guitar), Mike Roth (bass guitar) and Tom Fort (lead guitar) put on a high-energy, high-drama, high-volume show. The crowd, timid at first, was unable to restrain itself as it went from gently bobbing heads to mosh-grooving and sing-alongs with the band. Cobalt played old favorites and also debuted two new songs, “Rome” and “Just Found Out.” The crowd seemed to approve.

Cobalt’s sound is a mixture of what the band likes to call rock, folk, Puddle of Mudd, Eagle Eye Cherry and pop, with a bit of an x-factor thrown in. With a description like that, it leads one to believe that this group can play it all, which they truly can.

Their play list ranges from love songs such as “The Ride” to rock/pop songs like “Fall Apart,” and almost-ballads, including “Closer.” These talented musicians are able to seamlessly play this diverse line-up and appeal to a variety of audiences.

Cobalt has been cranking out tunes for Oberlin College students for the better part of two years. The band’s beginning is like a perfect puzzle. Fort and Hartgering knew each other in high school and both decided to come to Oberlin.

The two, unable to find other members to form a band, began as a duet and played at local venues throughout their first year. The actual band did not come together until their sophomore year. Roth, originally a guitar player, learned to play the bass in order to join them. Once he was in the band, they began their search for a drummer.

The guys got more than a drummer when Plotsky came along. She blew her competition away and was the only real choice. With its new drummer, the band was ready to make music and play for crowds.

Today, Cobalt has vowed to keep making music and performing, as long as people keep showing up. - The Oberlin Review

"Tuesday is the New Friday"

by Bella Vilshanetskaya

Last Tuesday night marked an evening when four sexy twenty-somethings filled the dance space with music and demanded dancing from the scant but energetic audience. Cobalt is a three man and one woman band from Chicago, established in 2003. Guitarists/ vocalists Matt Hart and Tom Fort met in college their freshman year and by the time their sophomore year came around Mike Roth (bassist/ guitarist) and Alie Plotsky (drummer) had joined and their group was complete.

Much of their musical inspiration comes from relationships and their
friends� stories. Cobalt, the name for their band, was decided upon after a cage match that included mud, mashed potatoes, and many lists of possible band names. If you don�t believe me, ask the band yourself. When asked who they thought they sounded like, they were lost for an answer. They believe that answer should be decided by the audience. Their influences range from Sublime to Ani DiFranco.

After a post show trip to Waffle House and staying up until five in the morning watching a movie, the members of this band would like to let the Antioch community know that they had a fabulous time at Antioch and they wished to tell the audience in attendance that �the dancing was good�.

- Antioch College Record

"Cobalt Looks Forward to Upcoming Show"

By Daniel Jerez

If you ask people where they think good music comes from, the usual answer is New York or California, but Chicago is steadily becoming a hotbed for musical talent. Most recently, artists like Fallout Boy, Kanye West and Disturbed have done very well, but there are several bands that do not get any credit. Cobalt is one of those Chicago bands trying to make their mark on the music scene. Catch them at Gunther Murphy's on Oct. 26 at 9 p.m., or at Mojoe's Hothouse the following night at 7 p.m.

The band started a few years ago when guitarists and singers Tom Fort and Matt Hart both realized they were going to Oberlin College. They shortly met drummer Alie Plotsky, described as the president of the band, and bassist Mike Roth. Several years and a few tours later the band is ready to start their journey.

The band describes their sound as a reflection of their influences. Everything they listen to, they said, from singer songwriters, to rock artists, to punk influence them. Specifically, they mentioned Dispatch, Ani Difranco, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sublime, because as Roth said, "everyone loves Sublime." Because they have a wide range of influences, they say you have to show up and hear them, something they said with a smile. They went on to say that people need to come out because, unofficially, they are the reason the Bears are undefeated. "The Bears don't want to admit we're the reason, they want to think it's because they're ridiculously good, but we both know it's because of us," said Fort.

If you go to the show, expect to hear a ton of original music with the occasional cover. Recently Cobalt has covered "Jenny Jenny" by Tommy Two Tone, famous for his song "867-5309," but the band has shown their spiritual side performing the 'hymn' "Like A Prayer." While they do like to cover some of their favorite songs, the band is looking forward to play the songs on their upcoming album due out in January. "Just Found Out" is easily their best song, and it is no surprise that it is the song the band most loves to perform because of the blend of powerful lyrics and smooth melody. "It's a song everyone contributed on," said Hart.

The band encourages fans to visit their websites and drop them a few lines. Fans can checkout or While the band has played across the country, they save their best for their hometown. "We love to tour because of the craziness that comes with touring, but it is true that there is no place like home, especially if home is Chicago," said Plotsky. Look forward to a high energy show from a band that gives their fans everything they have. - The Chicago Flame


Still working on that hot first release.



Cobalt is now "Cobalt & the Hired Guns."