Cobble Hillbillies

Cobble Hillbillies


Hardcore, high-energy Brooklyn bluegrass played by soulful, passionate musicians with great chops, and featuring three part harmony on every song... It doesn't matter what kind of music you're into, come out to a show and we guarantee you'll leave with a big ole' smile on your face...


Born out of Brooklyn in 2003, the Cobble Hillbillies play energetic urban bluegrass with a neighborhood feel. The young band is comprised of six friends, transplanted from Quebec, North Carolina, Ohio, upstate New York, Chicago and Oregon, but all irrevocably drawn to the raw, vigorous honesty of bluegrass.

While the Cobble Hillbillies love to sing traditional songs that tell the stories of an earlier America, they also write powerful new music, steeped in the bluegrass style but undeniably vibrant and original. The themes are timeless: broken romance, fateful travels far from home, and the lonesome wait for that F train to come down the track. Throughout are soulful three-part harmonies, sparkling melodies, and scorching licks from banjo, fiddle, harmonica and mandolin.

As Time Out New York observed when it named the band a “New Essential” in 2004, the Cobble Hillbillies play music that is “sweeping and refreshingly void of irony.” Make no mistake, the boys have razor-sharp chops, ingenuity and an evident respect for the tradition, but what sets them apart is their infectious exuberance, down-home friendliness, and lack of pretension.

Folks who come out to see the Hillbillies’ shows can expect to enjoy a night of stirring music connected by authenticity, informality and innovation to a tradition stretching back into the early 20th Century. The songs they perform and record have integrity but do not ossify the bluegrass genre. The Cobble Hillbillies recognize the heart of bluegrass has always been its social quality and its soul lies in its capacity for personal expression. Come on out and make friends.


Debut EP Available Now

Set List

We're known to play 1-3 hours each show. Our setlist is split between original tunes (5 out of 6 Hillbillies are songwriters) and unique arrangements of traditional bluegrass/gospel/rock tunes - worked out for a 6 piece band with 3 part harmony.