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The best kept secret in music


"Show Review: Nicotine Fits 4/28 @ The Blacksheep"

It’s probably been said before, but rock and roll is, at this point, Jason “Friday the 13th” Voorhees. Burn it, slice it, drown it, send it to Hell and let it fight Freddy, or simply leave it in the caring hands of Nickelback: whether out of sheer bloody-mindedness or a desire to send innocent children to an early grave, you just can’t make either stay satisfactorily dead for more than a couple years at a time. Also like Jason, properly marketed rock music still sells like hotcakes to suburban kids, probably a more accurate origin of either’s longevity than any specific musical characteristic or mutant regenerative power.
Saturday night’s show at the Black Sheep didn’t showcase exactly the kind of rock that still sells to suburbanites — they’re more into furious waifs in eye makeup and Mike Jones these days — rather, it was the doomed protagonist’s ineffectual shotgun blast, offering a direct window to rock’s zombie heart.

Take Cobra Kai, for instance. Looking and sounding a lot like Motörhead, but without the facial pustules and with more histrionic, Darkness-esque vocals, the Kai are obviously perfectly in tune with what they like: broads, hooch, and wailing. Anachronistic? Totally. Competent musically, though, and highly recommended to the many dozens of you who like bands with song titles like “Whiskey Makes Me Evil.”

...Perhaps an inappropriate gesture — certainly a kitschy one — towards the show’s end, members of Cobra Kai started swing dancing with drunk girls, and distributed Confederate flags throughout the audience. Apparently some things rise again. - The High Plains Messenger

"Cobra Kai puts funny twist on fanaticism of 70's rock"

Remember when metal meant guitar solos and shout-along choruses? Cobra Kai does, and the band is fishing for a revival of those days on this short-but-feisty debut.

If you liked late-70's rock, you'll love Cobra Kai's embrace of snarling vocals, choppy guitars and flashy guitar solos. But even if you aren't a fan of AC/DC, you may still find the fun in these songs. Cobra Kai has a sense of humor about it's music without resorting to full-on "Spinal Tap"-esque satire.

Check out the Bob Wills worship on "Tribute" or the sexual boasting on "Red Hot Love Machine." They're funny songs. But that doesn't mean these guys aren't 100-percent passionate about the music. It's that true love for the music — even at its cheesiest — that makes the band so appealing. - Colorado Springs Gazette


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Feeling a bit camera shy


Hell bent for rock and roll overload, Cobra Kai formed from the ashes of two Colorado Springs bands, Roche's Limit & a.priori. Bassist Patrick Ledbetter & guitarist Doug Spencer teamed up w/ drummer Josh Bower in early 2005 and started working on cooking up a fix for their rock and roll jones. They set themselves on a regular rehearsal regimen and got busy. Then a couple of months later on a bright and sunny day while browsing through the knick knacks at a corporate "megastore" Patrick ran into Dave Cantrell, whom he had met while Dave was working the door at one of Colorado Springs' finest drinking establishments. Patrick told Dave about the new project and to his surprise Dave got down on his knees in the middle of the ladies' undergarments section and begged to audtion for the band. Patrick said OK and later supplied Dave with a tape to become familiar with. Dave spent many fevered nights listening to the tape over and over while scribbling nonsensical lyrics with the hope of blowing the guys away and landing the gig. The night for audition came and Dave met up w/ Patrick, Doug & Josh at an aikido dojo where they plugged in and turned on. After 15 minutes Dave's voice was gone, but the band decided to ask him on anyway. The band was christened Cobra Kai. Since then these four strapping bucks have been on a mission to preach the gospel of rock and roll to the heathen and converted alike. Inspired by the swagger of Bon Scot era AC/DC, the over the top attitude of Motorhead, the fury of Black Flag, the driving power of Fu Manchu, as well as the raunchy, sweaty energy of more recent bands like the Supersuckers & Nashville Pussy, the band has branched out from its Colorado base to include trips to California & Oklahoma. Is your town next on the list for Cobra Kai's brand of rock and roll revival? You should get on your knees and pray that it is.