COBRALUSH, the sound of angry, lightning-fueled, leather-clad pleasure bots making sweet love. Take a moment to visualize.


Introducing COBRALUSH

Take a moment and visualize: "the sound of angry, lightning-fueled, leather-clad pleasure bots making sweet love." That's Cobralush according to the band’s hometown entertainment rag, Fort Worth Weekly.

Spanking new and fresh to the Big-D music scene, Cobralush, melds the eclectic talents of guitarist, Daniel Harville; drummer, Dave Karnes; and the intoxicating vocalist/showgirl, Zayra Alvarez.

The writer for FWW continues his praise: "The music is decidedly weird but in a good, brave way: heavy beats juxtaposed with Zayra's relentlessly feminine, crystalline, sing-talky vocals, plus some ominous, hip-hop-inflected industrial music and bursts of arena-rock. The stage show, much like their sound, is unparalleled."

Indeed, the performance is the kicker. Before ever releasing a single recording, Cobralush, slithered into the clubs with a compelling live show that was stunning enough for the FWW to immediately raise the band’s profile with three of their annual awards nominations: Best New Artist, Best Female Vocalist and Song of the Year for "Violent Man."

You may remember Zayra from the CBS-TV reality show, RockStar Supernova, starring Tommy Lee, Dave Navarro, Jason Newstead, and Gilbey Clarke. Supernova didn’t fare as well as the mega-success of it predecessor, Rockstar: INXS, but it did have its moments and most of those belonged to Zayra.

In a mid-season review of the show, Ann Powers, the highly regarded music editor of the Los Angeles Times wrote, "Rock Star's most intriguing contestant, is the Puerto Rican punk chanteuse Zayra Alvarez.” And, in a follow-up to Ms Power’s article (also in the LA Times), respected journalist, Josh Kun, wrote, “…an aspiring arena goddess…She prances around like she’s Ziggy Stardust’s long lost Caribbean cousin.”

Supernova was far from right for her talents but in Cobralush, Zayra has found her sound. Sequenced loops and electro-beats (courtesy of Karnes big rock drums) and Harville’s thrilling guitars all come together around a reverie of hypnotic sights and sounds, punctuated by Zayra’s rapturous performance. See it and believe it.

Dangerous + Jungly = Cobralush.

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Cobralush is currently working on their debut album.