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Coby Grant is a young Australian singer-songwriter. She moved from Western Australia to Melbourne to further her musical career and, judging by what I hear in these few songs on the EP, there is a big future ahead. She has been an experienced live performer and she now harnesses her skills for her recording phase. While there is continued development to come, Coby will have the benefit of working with the right producers and musicians in order to reap the rewards that will come. From these four songs, one can hear Coby's lovely voice in different arrangements and there are catchy moments of folk and pop that just give us a taste of her capabilities. I look forward to hearing much more from Coby Grant in the years ahead.

Reviewer: Carmine Pascuzzi
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"Prodigal Daughter"

A couple of years ago, Perth singer-songwriter Coby Grant decided to pack up her guitar and move to Melbourne to focus on her original material. She’s adapted well to life there and, considering her Melbourne EP launch sold out, it seems the locals have welcomed her with open arms.

Grant knew she wanted to make a career of music at just 15 years of age, after her first guitar lesson. “I wrote my first song with the first four chords I learnt. I had always loved singing, but being trained on classical piano somewhat stifled my creativity. I wanted to write songs so I picked up the guitar and it all came pouring out.” The teenager played as many gigs as she could, including a residency at Burswood Resort and performing at cafes that would let her play original material, to save money for equipment and recording.

Then Grant made the decision to relocate to Melbourne. “Although it was a big step to move to the other side of the country at 19 years old, it didn’t seem like such a big deal because I wanted to explore the possibilities and follow my music. There were times when I got really homesick and lonely, but anything out of your comfort zone is good for you.” Certainly proving to be good for Grant’s creativity, this period of change inspired the songs on Coby Grant Is Your Friend.

With an acoustic/folk style largely influenced by the artists her parents listened to when she was growing up, such as Carole King and Joni Mitchell, Grant’s songs draw on personal moments including the end of a relationship. “Close To Me is a song I wrote specifically about my ex-partner. We were young, it was three years and it was long distance. It’s the hardest, letting go of that first love. When choosing a partner people show beware – dating a musician mean you will more than likely get a song written about you!”

Writing the majority of her material on her own, Grant is just as hands-on when it comes to promoting her music. “I do all my own management, bookings and promotion,” she explains, adding that she has recently recruited a publicist to relieve some of the pressure. As an independent artist, Grant funds all her own recording and touring by playing cover gigs. “They pay well it means I don’t need to get a waitressing job or something that eats into all my time,” Grant says. “I have more time to rehearse, jam, write, practice and sing – all the things I love.” And without the support of a record label. “I don’t have the money to put my songs on commercial radio stations, or big posters up, or my face on tv promoting my gigs, which all means I have to get out there and spend the time and money taking my music to the people.”

But all the hard work – and hard-earned cash – will be well worth it. Grant plays at the Toff in Town with her full band. “The gigs with the band are a different dynamic to the solo shows. If you want to see some amazing musos strutting their stuff, come to the show. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.” As for what you can expect from Grant herself, she says it’s difficult to explain without “seeming like I’m blowing smoke up my own arse”. However, she offers: “I’ve been told – even by people not related to me! – that I draw listeners in to the songs I’m singing, the stories I’m telling. I get lost in the emotion that I felt at the time I wrote the song.”
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Debut EP "Coby Grant Is Your Friend" 2007




Since the age of 16, Coby Grant has been performing professionally. Playing over 400 live gigs, she has performed at some of Perth’s most prestigious venues- including residencies at the Burswood International Resort and Casino. The recognition she gained around Perth led to a few high profile supports. In 2003, Coby performed in Kings Park as a support act for Marcia Hines' Valentine Concert. In 2004, she performed solo and live for Telethon. She also performed in New Zealand as guest support for Rick Steele and the Hot Biscuit Band at the internationally recognized New Zealand Masters Games in 2005. Also in 2005, Coby was a support act for Ross Wilson when he performed at the Carine Tavern. She has had a national interview and airplay with FOX FM’s Australia First program, as well as various interviews and rotation on commercial and community radio stations in Perth.
Last year, Coby made the move from Perth to Melbourne to focus more on her original material. Her EP, “Coby Grant Is Your Friend”, has since been recorded with a bevy of talented musicians playing on the tracks. Jonathon Zion on bass (Pete Murray), Elvis Algus on drums (renowned percussionist around Melbourne) and Steve Mackay on guitar (Al Slavik, Delta Goodrem) to name a few. Her launch at prestigious Melbourne venue Manchester Lane was on April 18th and a sold out show. Coby is an independent artist, organising and funding everything herself, including her recent tour and launch in Perth in July (where she played with her full band) and the Vic regional tours in August. She has received airplay on PBS and RRR, as well as various community stations in regional Victoria.
Coby’s live performing experience and ability to draw a crowd into her world when on stage is what sets her apart. Her songs are written straight from the heart and the acoustic/ folk style of music is easy on the ears. With influences like Carole King, The Eagles, Eric Clapton and Joni Mitchell, Coby’s songs are set to last. She is now focused on sharing her music with the rest of the world.
“Stunning debut EP by Coby Grant showcasing her growth as an artist and ensuring she is one to watch in the next few years.”
“My name is Coby Grant and in the past year of my life, a lot has changed. I realized that I wanted to focus more on my original music. I took the next (and essential) steps towards achieving my short term goal of releasing an original EP. I completely uprooted... left my family, friends, comfort zone and support network in Perth to move interstate to Melbourne. I immersed myself in my music...and in different aspects of other music and learnt a lot about life, music, love, myself and people. My first offering is my EP, “At the End”. These songs reflect me and who I am as an artist at this point in my life. I am happy to have the chance to share the stories of my life with you.”

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