Cocktail Shakers

Cocktail Shakers


High energy rockabilly and beyond, this powerful trio brings exciting original material and a great stage presence to enthusiastic responses.


The Cocktail Shakers were formed in 2007. Conceived by Kevin as a result of his vision to bring high energy rockabilly back to the masses, riding on a wave of swaggerign rythm, produced by deep upright bass and jazz influenced drumming. With it's roots firmly grounded in traditional rockabilly style, and it's original material brooding, eclectic and sensual, the Cocktail Shakers bring back a bravado to the stage that has been missing in recent years.


Rocket Science. The first CD written and recorded by The Cocktail Shakers. Available for purchase in early 2009.

Set List

The Cocktail Shakers set list is comprised mostly of original material. Boasting a repotoire of more than 60 songs, and depending on how long a performance is required, the set list can be all original or a combination of mostly original and classic rockabilly titles.