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"The CoCoBeanOs! by Helen Rose Marketti"

What first began as a small group of friends who shared a love for music eventually evolved into a rockin’ band with a large, solid fan base. Local area band, The CoCoBeanos whose current line up is Scott Gast (vocals, guitar), Bryan Gast (bass guitar), Josh Post (lead guitar), Brian Runkle (drums, vocals) and Dylan Kendrick (audio engineer) have been packing the house at area clubs and events. Their hard work, talent and deter- mination have now branched out to perfor- mances in Cleveland, Columbus and other areas.
“The band originally began as a trio. Two friends from school were in the band with me. I was a guitarist but didn’t sing then,” recalls Scott. “We entered the Cold Creek Talent Show and came in second runner up. We lost to the Polar Bear Cheerleaders and an eight year old who sang along with the CD to My Heart Will Go On from the movie, Titanic.” (laughs)
The naming of the band came along by chance. “We needed a name to put on the entry form for the talent show and we had never picked out a name or agreed on one,” said Scott. “I finally suggested “The Crazy CoCoBeanos” because of someone my grand- father knew. It was kind of a spin off from that but the announcer introduced us as “The CoCoBeanos” instead and then it all went from there.” Taking some time to share how his interest in music began, Scott said, “While growing up, my dad was a huge Beatles fan and so that is what my brother, Bryan and I grew up listening to. My dad was also in a band so we grew up thinking that Dad was a rock star. They played places around here like the American Legion and I thought that was the cool- est thing. I’ve always liked The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Eagles. As I got older, then I liked more modern bands like the Goo Goo Dolls and Green Day.” He continues, “My dad was a huge influence on me to get me interested in music. He runs Musicians Alley in Sandusky. The first song he taught me to play on guitar was Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. That is my mom’s favorite song so I wanted to learn how to play it for her, too.”
The guitar is the instrument
of choice for Scott. “I like playing the guitar because there are so many unique sounds to make and so many ways you can shape music with it. I like to play with sounds. When I play the guitar, it’s more like an extension of me whereas the other
instruments don’t feel as natural.” Watching a CoCoBeanos gig recently at Cabana Jacks in Sandusky brought a diverse crowd of varying ages to the dance floor but the common thread was enjoying the music and having fun. “I think the reason I love The Beatles and The Beach Boys so much is their music was fun,” explains Scott. “Many modern bands seem to be angry about something with their music or crying in the cor- ner. Music can transcend your emotions but you don’t have to be sad and melancholy. I like to be happy and upbeat. That’s what The Beatles had, they were upbeat yet they were all close too. That’s what I like to do with The CoCoBeanos - hang out, talk about music, guitars or whatever.” What can someone expect from a CoCoBeanos performance? “They can expect to have fun. It’s a way to escape real- ity for awhile too,” said Scott. “You can resort back to playfulness that you had from child- hood and have a good time. I would like for people to think of rock and roll and fun when they hear our band.” Music from the CoCoBeanos set list includes a well-rounded selection of cover songs from the 60s to the 80s.
The CoCoBeanos are currently working on original material and tentative plans are in the works for a CD to be released in early May of 2010.
“This will be our first, original CD,” said Scott. “It will have a variety of songs. My goal is to have at least 40 songs and then narrow it down to the top 10 - 12 tracks from that. I like that process better than just writ- ing the exact number of tracks and that’s it. Everyone puts their own thing into it. Right now, the creative forces are Brian Runkle (drummer) and myself. Sometimes when I write I think it may sound cheesy or it’s being forced so I am working on that. I pick up the guitar and find a sound I like when working on material. As far as topical things go, I just let the lyrics happen. The tracks will fit with what we play live in the essence that it will be up-tempo. There will be a rock “feel” to the songs.”
Scott has definite thoughts about being in a band, “It makes me unbelievably happy. I really can’t explain exactly how I feel. It’s hard to put into words. I have a great appre- ciation for the
people I play with, first on a friendship level and then on a musicianship level. It’s really cool because there is an extra special connec- tion between us. When people come out to see our show, they are dancing and having fun. It’s a natural high.”
For more information on The CoCoBeanos including their show schedule, please visit:
- LifeStyles Magazine

"A group of 'fine-looking men'"

A group of ‘fine-looking men’
By John Benson of Funcoast Magazine
It seems as if every single story written about this band begins with a cereal reference, so why change now?
What may sound like a 70s breakfast cereal that was later pulled off the market because its sugar content turned out to be rocket fuel is actually the name of one of the North Coast's more popular cover bands.
For nearly a decade, CoCoBeanOs has been rocking and rolling to a wide variety of hits in a fashion that singer-guitarist Scott Gast says turns an average bar, club or festival into an epicenter of high-energy fun.
"Everybody enjoys a CoCoBeanOs show," said Gast, a 2002 Margaretta High School graduate. "That especially goes for the girls, because we're a bunch of fine-looking men. We're just that good looking."
While Gast said he's kidding, it's this persona of vanity that actually plays into the CoCoBeanOs mass appeal. This confident bunch has good reason to strut these days, considering the quintet performs more than 100 shows a year to packed crowds from Cleveland to Toledo.
"People come out because we rock, and we're kind of a big deal in these parts," laughed Gast. "It's a joke. We say that over the mic and people laugh. But we go out there to have a good time, and I think that's part of the reason why we're popular. We just have so much fun at every show."
The outfit used the name CoCoBeanOs as a joke at its debut show in a Castalia talent contest with the full intention of finding a different moniker later. But from that one gig, more offers came in. Before the band members knew it, the group was on its way as a soft classic rock cover band (Jimmy Buffett, Van Morrison, etc.).
Since then, the five-piece band has added the last 30 years of pop rock culture to its repertoire, with a song list that ranges from AC/DC, Cheap Trick and Journey to Weezer, Green Day, Jet, The White Stripes and Buckcherry.
Gast said the long-term plan for the band is to record original material; however, being a highly sought after cover act has become quite lucrative.
"We've been packing every place we play, and because of that, everybody wants us," Gast said. "I come home from work and I have a dozen messages on the answering machine on an average day. Part of it is I believe a lot of the cover bands nowadays either don't have the right mix of music or don't have the right energy that goes along with it.
"When you come to see the CoCoBeanOs, we put on the show. We kind of take on the song as if it was our own song and breathe it into the audience. One of the things is that we'll get the crowd going. We'll move all over the place and get pretty crazy."
Crazy fun is what Gast is promising for the CoCoBeanOs' Erie County Fair debut Aug. 8 at the fairgrounds in Sandusky.
The band also is playing Aug. 10 at Cabana Jacks and Aug. 11 at Lyman Harbor.
Invariably, being in CoCoBeanOs allows the band members to enjoy glimpses of rock stardom.
"We all have our day jobs," Gast laughed, "but this is like turning from Clark Kent into Superman."

If the previous analogy is true, the CoCoBeanOs should wear blue tights and red capes at their shows this weekend. Make it happen, 'BeanOs. E-mail John Benson at

- Funcoast Magazine


At first I thought Cabana Jack's was serving breakfast food this weekend, as it turns out though, Friday's listing for CoCoBeanOs is not a new cereal that's supposed to be good for you, but a "Rock & Roll Fortified" experience with one of the hardest working band around. They've opened this summer for Bad Company, and Herman's Hermits, plus they've been the in-demand band for area festivals, concerts, and private parties...."
- Laura Barrett - Sandusky Register - Sandusky Register


Still working on that hot first release.



The CoCoBeanOs are THE BAND taking the North Coast by Storm! Their high-impact performances, soulful lead vocals, powerful harmonies, breathtaking solos, and fiery stage presence keep the crowds vibrating with energy and excitement night after night.
Entertaining countless fans spanning from Cleveland, to Toledo to the Lake Erie islands the CoCoBeanOs have performed nearly 150 shows a year. In this, they have had opportunities to perform before such acts as Michael Stanley, Herman's Hermits, and Bad Company's Brian Howe. All of this while still staying true to hometown venues in Huron, Sandusky, Fremont , Bellevue, and Port Clinton.
With hard work and dedication, the CoCoBeanOs have delivered some of the most powerful, energetic, and entertaining shows in Northern Ohio. The CoCoBeanOs perform a wide variety of music and their catalogue contains a myriad of songs ranging from the 60's & 70's to modern hits. For more than seven years the CoCoBeanOs have impressed audiences with their keen vocals, musical expertise, and dynamic stage presence; setting the standard for festivals, parties, and concerts.

The CoCoBeanOs an experience not to be missed!

So What Are You Waiting For? Rock 'N' Roll, Party, Dance, and Sing-A-Long with the CoCoBeanOs as they perform your favorite songs from AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Guns N' Roses, John Mellencamp, & Journey, to The Black Eyed Peas, Buckcherry, Kings of Leon, Lady GaGa, Maroon 5, Weezer, & many, many, more!!!

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