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"Coco-Collette George"

(Review posted on Media Search 3/2006 and written by Carmine Pascuzzi)

:: Coco-Collette George - I'm Finally Me

Coco-Collette George

Coco-Collette George is one of these invigorating singer-songwriters I often come across through the global phenomenon that is the Internet. Because of the nature of our website and associated networking, it is a pleasure to receive news of new artists. Upon hearing Coco‘s emotional, yet zippy method of expressing her thoughts, the listener should be blessed in hearing a versatile performer that is most appealing. The gorgeous melodies and harmonies are delicate and concise in the delivery, appearing heavenly in parts. Coco writes all the songs and arranged/co-produced this album. She is also multi-talented in playing piano, guitar, French Horn, violin, trumpet and banjo, amongst others. With a French speaking background, there is that extra exotic touch to the way she expresses her feelings. A couple of tracks to note are 'Chat Indien’, sung beautifully in French and the remake of the Eurythmics song 'Sweet Dreams, stamped with Coco's individual style. The other tracks showcase her versatility, with elements of dance, jazz, pop and even country. The tuneful, fresh vocals, the attractive looks, and adept musicianship makes Coco-Collette George a strking artist that we should a lot more about in the future.
- Media Search (Australia)


#12-"SWEET DREAMS" - A remake of the Annie Lennox song. Tempo sped up and kicking guitar and incredible piano lead added to turn this excellent 'Soft Rock' song into a 'Head-banging Heavy Metal dream".

#1 - CHAT INDIEN: (Madame Susaye Greene, previously of the Supremes, encouraged me to write a French song this year, and this is what I wrote. Check it out. It's about a girl in a computer game who's giving the player instructions on how to find and save her within the game. This song is a favorite with men AND women even though it is in French. Women want to know what I'm saying - but men say that it doesn't matter to them what I'm saying - they just love my voice, the beat, and the cool sounds.

#2 - HEY BOY (Geeky): This song is a Dance/Pop, fun, high energy, and a cool song. Teen girls and boys love it (especially the girls). Kids to adults really enjoy everything about the song - especially the lyrics. ENDS IN FRENCH.

#3 - LET ME KEEP ON WALKING: This song is sort of Jazz/Pop. Fun & hot. This song receives very good comments from kids to adults. Guys really like this one. Everybody loves the 2 solo piano leads smack dab in the middle. It was written by me and performed by me. I hope you like.

#4 - ON MY OWN: This song can be classified as Adult Contemporary. It is difficult for me to categorize. This song makes big, strong men cry. I'm not kidding. It's something to see.

#5 - SOMETHING COOL: A cool Pop song. Again & again, teen girls and boys love it (especially the girls). Kids to adults really enjoy everything about the song - especially the lyrics. ENDS IN FRENCH.

#6 - NO ONE REALLY KNOWS: This song can be classified as Pop/Rock. Anyone feeling misunderstood loves this one. Comments about this song is usually "Oh my god, your voice is so cool".

#7 - JUST TO BE WITH YOU: What can I say about this song? It has the same affect as song #4. Wait till you get to the end of this song to hear all my voices.

#8 - JUST HERE ALONE: This song is definitely Country. I wrote it in order to enter a song-writing competition. It then won the Directors Award from The Paramount Group this year. I purchased a Banjo 3 days before I recorded this song in studio. I had 3 days to learn how to play it. The banjo part that you hear is what I composed for this song. Pretty good, Aye?

#9 - NIGHT FALL: This song is Eclectic/Pop I would say. I wrote this song 2 nights before I was scheduled to record Song #7 in studio because I had a very bad cold and a sore throat. Since I could not cancel my studio session, I decided to write a heavy-energy song that would suit my 'sore voice'. That's how this song came about. Little kids like it when I blast it on my car radio as they are surrounding my car, and they love it even though they say it's scary. They always say "Again, again".

#10 - I DON'T SEE ME: Difficult for me to categorize. Perhaps Eclectic/Pop. When it's being listened to, I am always asked "What happens next?", and people stare at the radio while it is playing. When it's finished they say that they felt like they were watching a movie and they want to know what happens to her. So I wrote the sequel to this song which will be on my 3rd album.

#11 - BOY, YOU'VE GOT SOMETHING: This song is sort of Jazzy/Pop. I wanted to write a sexy song and this is what I wrote. Also a favorite. I like to call all my voices The Coco-lettes.



Coco-Collette George

What can be said about Coco-Collette George and her music? She is a singer/songwriter who has the uncanny ability to use words in a manner that evokes emotions of every kind. Her style is difficult to categorize as her songs touch several music genres. Although the style/genre of her music may vary a bit on her first album, "I'm Finally Me", her style is consistent throughout. She is adept at combining the most sultry melodies and harmonies with incredibly delicate words that engage your imagination. She also composes interesting melodies (slow or jammin'), and yes - hot lyrics. Her songs touch lightly or heavily on various stories/subjects that we all can relate to. She is effortlessly versatile in all aspects of lyrical songwriting.

How to describe her voice? Coco-Collette George's voice is extremely appealing. The microphone loves her voice. Together, they seem like a match made in heaven. What more can be said on this matter? The lead, background, and harmony voices that you hear on her album are all Coco. We like to call them "The Coco-lettes". Your ear will be pleased with her voice(s) and her music, and that's that. Check out those lyrics!

Coco-Collette George arranges all of her own music and writes every last lyric. She begins writing, producing and engineering from her home studio using Opcode and ProTools. Her keyboards of choice are the Casio WK-3000, Yamaha S03, and the Alesis QS8. The Variax 700 w/ Tremolo is her main guitar by Line 6. What a fantastic guitar. Her speaker system is the Cylindrical Radiator from BOSE.

Coco-Collette George plays piano, guitar (acoustic, electric, and bass), stand-up bass, accordion, trumpet, French horn, and violin, and banjo. These are real live instruments, not the synthesized kind. She has the ability and talent to be able to pick up any of these instruments and to compose a lead part or background part for that instrument.

Coco-Collette George speaks English, of course, but her first language is French. Check out "Chat Indien" if you're so inclined. To all newbies or veterans in the music industry, you know she had to do it. Check it out.

***Personal Information***
Band Name: Coco-Collette George
Genre: Pop - EuroPop - Jazz - Country - Rock - Techno/Dance
instrumentals, easy listening...etc.
Residence: Orange County, California
Language: Speaks fluent French.....but sings in English
Instruments: Piano, Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitar, Accordion, Trumpet, Violin, Banjo, french horn
Songs: Coco writes all her songs from beginning to end. Sings all lead and background vocals. Lyrics, instrumental & vocal arrangements, concepts, and dreamy ideas----all by Coco.
Production: Coco's 1st album -"I'm Finally Me"- was engineered by Arlan Boll of AB Audio & Visual. NOTE: Songs for the "Virtual Gemini" album have all been produced & engineered by Coco w/ Pro-Tools. Final mix will be provided by a professional studio

Inspiration: Coco finds inspiration for each song in her imagination. That's it! She's fascinated by dreams and fantasies and each song subject reflects that. Her songs are meant to take the listener on a fantastic voyage. She does write songs based on however she happens to be feeling at the moment - or due to something that she just experienced. Each song has it's purpose----to make you feel happy, sad, loved, lonely, sexy, silly....etc. She writes each song with ease. Average length is usually about 4 to 5 minutes, but she does try to keep it to around the acceptable limit of 3 minutes. Her excuse is "the song didn't finish yet". Coco can write a 5 minute song in 20 minutes or so. When asked how she does that, she says that the words just come so fast. There's been times, while grocery shopping for example, that she's been hit by a song and has had to leave her cart to rush home and get that song down before it fades away. It really never fades away - but she rushes home anyways. She says the words just come and the melody - she can hear it clear as a bell. Coco loves being sexy - but refuses to write songs about the usual sex-saturated subjects you hear on main-stream radio. She says it embarrasses her. She's not a prude, but prefers to be sexy in a very innocent and subtle way.

Goals: Of course - to be signed by a minor or major record company-----and to win a Grammy. But more realistic - to please her audience and her listeners. Every performance is perfect. From attire to choosing songs that fit each venue, to interacting with the crowd, and never being pitchy-----EVER!!!!!! Practice makes perfect and she practices everyday. Coco believes that if you're going to perform and people have paid to see you - you should always give them their