CoCo Jones

CoCo Jones

 Marietta, Georgia, USA
BandR&BHip Hop

What happens when you take a splash of urban, a dash of hip hop and an enormous amount of soul and class and mix them altogether? You get one of the worlds most inspiring, powerful and mesmerizing voices among today’s elite core of urban Singer/Emcees. Embrace CoCo Jones


At a time in music where 'powerhouse' vocalists are few and the essential players have become a 'thing of the past', a breath of fresh air gives way in the form of CoCo Jones.

With a soulful, dynamic voice and the classy, yet bold style of a certified diva, Jones takes you on a journey filled with timeless music and mass appeal.

At Andrews AFB in Maryland on December 4, 1981, singer, emcee and songwriter Keri "CoCo" Jones was born. Finding her vocal talent at 11 years old in church, she continued to sing and hone her gift of through high school. Just after college, CoCo began a solo project befittingly titled 'SuperSoulSista' with FirstBorn Productions.

The collaboration with FirstBorn conceived the sensational hit track “Anticipating”, which was picked up and heavily rotated by radio stations throughout the Midwest and abroad.....

"Anticipating" and four other songs from 'SuperSoulSista' received placement on The Oxygen network's "Bad Girls Club" for two consecutive seasons.

The album also garnered the attention of multi-platinum producer and mogul Dallas Austin, who was impressed by CoCo's artistic skill and songwriting ability.

Coco’s vocals can also be heard on Baby aka Birdman’s album '5 Star Stunna', on the opening track “Fully Loaded” and a host of other projects.

Given the sensuality of Janet Jackson, the charisma and edge of Pink, the essence & soul of Mary J. Blige and Aretha Franklin, and the lyrical prowess of Lauryn Hill, songwriter, multi-talented vocalist and emcee, CoCo Jones represents the next level of classic music.

Currently a member of group Passport. Take the Classic Hip Hop/Soulful sounds of the Fugees, mesh with THe Pop appeal of the Black Eyed Peas and the Futuristic sounds of N.E.R.D. and you have Passport. CoCo Jones, Jawz of LIfe and Collin Gibson...
ALbum Customs, now available on all major Online Stores (iTunes, Bandcamp, CDBaby)


The Album: Anticipating, 2010; Customs, 2010 with Group Passport
Singles:Anticipating, Get it Girls, Hostel, BackTrack, Fiji
The Album: SuperSoulSista, 2005
Singles: Anticipating, So Sexy (featuring Big Rec), Get It GIrls
Songs from SuperSoulSista can be heard on THe Bad Girls' Club on Oxygen Network:
Soul Sista
Get Down

Set List

Originals Include:

Songs with Passport:
Life on the Run
Red Eye
Mile High
(all songs from the album Customs)

Solo Set:
Get It Girls
Recogize a Lady
Soul Sista
Get Down
Long Way Home
Beautiful Tragedy
Perfect Euphoria

Cover Artists Include:
Lauryn Hill
Busta Rhymes
Alicia Keys
Keyshia Cole
Janet Jackson
Destiny's Child
Bob Marley

**Sets can offer a mixture of original and cover songs, depending on the need. Sets range from 15 minutes to an hour. Time is negotiable **