Coco Kallis

Coco Kallis


Award winning songwriter and critically acclaimed vocalist Coco Kallis sings original songs and select covers, with guitar (and optional second multi-instrumentalist). Think a tender Patsy Cline crossed with a grittier Joni Mitchell.


She sang & performed as a kid in Maine, sort of grew up, played the Boston folk circuit, was a cast member of the Boston Company of the Rock musical “Hair”, moved to Vermont and became lead singer/songwriter for “Coco & the Lonesome Road Band“, sang back-up on other people’s recordings, did recordings of her own, did the Nashville thing, opened for a whole bunch of stars, did her own concerts/radio/tv , won awards, had a bit part in a movie, appeared twice on Conan O’Brien and got very good at runaway sentences!

Then, after being a full-time musician, that many years?... she spent eighteen years having a great time teaching music in a K-12 public school. Okay, so she’s been around a while. All the more experiences to show up in her music.

Now at the leading edge of the Baby Boomers, Coco has decided life has gotten shorter and has gone back to full-time writing and performing. Gotta finish it all up doing what you love the most!

She brings a folk, rock, and country background to her original songs. She also covers some of her favorite writers…John Prine, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Dylan, etc. Smithsonian Folkways released her “Environmental Songs for Kids” cd. Coco also occasionally does a performance of Scottish songs including originals from her “New Songs of Auld Scotland.”

While she has fun performing solo, she very much prefers to do it with her co/writer & performing partner, Lafe. See us at Coco & Lafe. Cheers!



Written By: Coco Kallis and Lafe Dutton


Killing time in Borders, the coffee’s growing old
I was thinking of how you asked me if my hands were always cold
Bored by this book on Warhol, wishing I’d ordered tea
The last time I was in this town you were here with me

Restless here in Borders, the coffee lacks a lot
Tastes like these feelings all dredged up from the bottom of the pot
You’re out doing who knows what and I’m where I should be
But I wonder if the rain would stop if you were here with me

If you were here the books would fly
The lights would blink
The walls would sigh
Your glasses would turn eyes to poetry
Instead of lost in history
You’d be dancing here with me
Here with me
If you were here with me

Bought a five year diary, do I have that much to say?
And will your name be on these pages five years from today
When we last walked around this town we kept a careful space
But I knew what was on your mind just looking at your face


Stranded here in Borders, and the rain’s still coming down
Christmas music playing, pushing all these thoughts around
My mind’s a few towns south of here, my coat’s down on the floor
I used to like to be alone, but now I’m not so sure

Last Cho:
If you were here the books would sing
The lights would blink
The walls would ring...


Written By: Coco Kallis


Looking toward the dark wood, no tracks in the snow
Nothing there to point the way
Where’d the baby go?

Dark clouds rolling out now, hauling in the cold
Shivers up and down her back
Where’d the baby go?

Angry words and slamming door, baby sitting on the floor
Glasses break and voices shout
Baby’s learned what that’s about

Crows off in the distance mock a baby’s wail
Screaming out in anger
It’s baby she has failed

Back door hanging open like a gaping hole
Big enough to swallow him
Where’d the baby go?

Empty rooms and silent hall, baby’s picture on the wall
Smiling down like nothing’s wrong
Dear God, he’s been gone so long

Stairs look like a mountain, legs do her no good
Climbs up on her hands and knees
Like a baby would

Unmade bed stares at her, crumpled up and cold
Baby’s blanket on the floor
Where did he go?

Toys are scattered everywhere, teddy bears with mocking stares
Picks up one abandoned shoe
Oh my baby, where are you?

Can’t take back a minute, can’t change what’s been done
Swears they’ll never fight again
Just please bring baby home

Creaking in the closet, piles of dirty clothes
Tear stained face against the wall
Where did Momma go?


Written By: Coco Kallis


Always wanted to go to Tuscon
Never seen the desert sun
But I might meet some old bandido
And he might tell me that you’re the one

He might be on that long flat highway
It won’t matter which way I come
He might tell me just change direction
But he might tell me that you’re the one

He might say I’ve been compromising
Show me ways to load a gun
He might say, “go rob a bank, girl.
Then go and get him, cause he’s the one.”

Desert hot sands might burn my soft skin
Desert sunrise might tell me lies
And if I see that old bandido
He’ll flash a mirror into my eyes

I’ve dug my heels in, kept a stiff spine
Hard denying what’s there to see
Call me coward, call me foolish
Tell that bandido to leave me be

Cars a beater, won’t let me speed her
Won’t take me back to where I come from
Just can’t outrun that old bandido
An’ he’s gonna tell me that you’re the one

No escaping that old bandido
What if he tells me that you’re the one

I don’t want no old bandidio
To go and tell me that you’re the one


Coco Kallis and Paul Miller "Through All These Years"

"Environmental Songs for Kids" Smithsonian Folkways

Coco and the Lonesome Road Band LP

New England Song - Single

Set List

Usually two 45 minute sets, but can adapt to what works best for the venue.

Song List Sample Originals:
Pretty Is
Good Girl
Sack of Potatoes
Here With Me
Another Day
Still Falling Down
Seven Kin
Easy To Forget
Carpe Diem
For the Sake of Going
Talking To the Trees
Someone Used To Live Here
Bellbottom Rock
Ride My Pony
Sailin' Jim
Harbor Lullaby
If You Were My Lover
Mary McPherson
MacDougall's Men
Mexico, a song for Lance
Just Another Love Song
I'll Miss You
Another Hard Luck Story
New England Song
If We Don't Fix It

Cover Samples:
Paradise, John Prine
Better Days, Guy Clark
Snowin' on Raton, Townes Van Zandt
My Songbird, Jesse Winchester
Hard Times, Stephen Foster
Piney Wood Hills, Buffy Ste. Marie