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This band has not uploaded any videos



"René Lopez"

...high level of can listen to this band with your eyes closed...people, take the blindfold test.
René López - ethnomusicologist
- Ethnomusicologist

"Shirley Remeniski"

...the best salsa music you could possibly want...
Shirley Remeniski - President of the 100 Hispanic Women
- President of the 100 Hispanic Women

"Don Bob Sancho"

Eight seasoned veterans of the New York Jazz and Latin music scenes have come together to form CoCoMaMa, a joyous, sizzling hot Salsa band new on the horizon. Already praised by critics, they all agree that the ensemble of eight women represent the very best in
salsa music and are “a swinging group with a lot of
Don Bob Sancho - Events Coordinator at Bronx Lebanon Hospital
- Events Coordinator at Bronx Lebanon Hospital

"Don Doornbos"

Just a quick note to say that your group by far and away outshone the rest at Latin Fest! What wonderful variety, energy and enthusiasm! Your group had a much more jazzy and inventive approach toward the music which I greatly appreciated and the percussionists never failed to keep things lively and riveting! Great job and great fun for all!! Many thanks!!
- Latin Fest in Binghamton, NY

"Oscar Hernandez"

Some of my friends here. All great musicians. Women Power....I'm a strong advocate...You Go Ladies!
...Best of Luck!
- Musical Director of the Grammy award winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra

"David Wasserman"

Latin Cool's favorite artist teams up with seven other fabulous women to bring a new level of artistry to the music world.
- President of Latin Cool Records and


Demo CD
Pare Cochero
Monton de Estrellas
Despues de ti que
Descarga Son Charanga



CoCoMaMa is an eight piece all female Salsa band. We play Salsa Dura which means hard Salsa, the kind that you dance to, the kind that you HAVE to move to!!! Mostly everyone in the band has been in the music scene for a long time and we are all professionals.. Sofia and Jessica are the youngin's and they super rock! We are influenced by all the great Salsa that has been out there since the early 1900's including Charanga, danzones, danzas, mambo, son, guaracha and many more different styles and rhythms of the Caribbean, Central, and South America. What sets us apart from other bands is that we are all authentic players of this music, we have no weak links, and we are women! We are strong and our music is hard driving.
We began the band because Don Bob Sancho, a promoter and supporter of the music, called Grammy award winning flutist Dave Valentin to ask him if he knew of any all female Salsa bands. Dave responded, "Call Andrea. If anyone can put together that kind of band , it would be her." So, Bob called me and I put a band together for the 100 Hispanic Women who were sponsoring an event for Mayor Bloomberg of New York City. We did a number of private events before we decided to really get serious with the band. Now we have gone through a series of transformations and the band has gone co-op and the members we have now are here to stay. We are based in NYC and have started to travel. Our plans are to tour the world to bring inspiration and love to all who come to see us!