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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
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"Vents: CocoSol Introduction"

So why don’t you introduce yourself?
Hum, alright! Ok in a few words; I am a resurgence of inner freedom in songs and rhythms. I am known as CocoSol. Play a few instruments, write and compose. I am originally from Montreal, where I grew up most of my life. I run my own production/publishing co and private music school in Philadelphia PA called Sowelu Music On Wheels( I play Philly scene with my full band and my trio from New York to New Jersey to Pennsylvania to Delaware and Maryland and looking forward to expanding my art across nations.

How did you get started in the music scene?
It depends what scene we are talking about. At large I mostly say that I perhaps officially enter the scene as an artist in Montreal. I was the only female singer, percussionist and one of the root dancers for Yaya Diallo form Mali (book, Spirit Drums) and the Ascasso Brothers in exile from Cuba, their band was called “Batanes”.I recorded on each of these artist first Projects!

What’s the story behind your stage name?
I received 9 names in my life; at birth than first adoption followed by the second adoption. The names continued with Hindu initiation followed by an Islamic engagement, than Native American ritual to name a few. I like to see it like Sacajawea’s story; she carried the names of her functions in time so I say I carry the names of my resonances and explorations in time! CocoSol is a diminutive of Coco Soleil, a name i heard inside my heart while walking on a sunny glorious morning and it gave me tremendous JOY! It is a good synthesis to all the nick names I received which were (Cloclo, Clo, petit Soleil, Loup Marin (Seal in English), Sunshine and Coco). But I am me!

What are your music influences?
I grew up in an International town and listen to everything from Classic Rock to Pop, Rock, R &B, Jazz, Classical, lots of Roots and Ethnic music and some metal lots of alternative everything. I was listening to music all the time. I love singing the Bossa Novas in Portuguese, they made me feel emotional. My biggest musical addictions: Bilal, Anthony Hamilton, Sade, Chrisette Michelle, KEM, Neeka, Maxwell, John Legend’s first album, Seal, Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, Sting, Prince, Jimmy Hendricks, Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley. All of these artist portray something new and personal about music whether it is vocally or instrumentally. I am also a big fan of JS Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky as well as Flamenco guitar!

So in what way does your visits to other places in the world inspire your music?
I write about my experiences. Most likely, the ones that are life changing at least for this project. “Namanala” and “Seeking Kingdom” are about Africa more specifically from my visit to Senegal but also I am speaking to the Continent and People at large and their Spiritual and Political climate. “Lucky Day” began in Seattle and completed itself in the Florida Keys. “Lizon” and “La Vie En Rose” speaks of my French descend; “Awaken” was heard in a dream on my last night in UpState NY after a Sun Moon Dance. I always hear news songs, hooks and themes when I travel; it’s in my Natal Chart; my creativity gets really juicy when I’m on the road for long periods of time.

CocoSol. How was the recording and writing process? Phenomenal, transformative, immensely joyous and sometimes frightening! Mostly, I bring the songs or concepts to my main man on this project; Franz Richards Producer/Engineer at BMR studios in Philly. We are a great team. Two years before starting with Franz, I was writing mostly everything while living in a little shack by a creek with no water or toilet. It was paradise there, I swear! Even in the winter. I bought recording equipment and laid out ideas with the help of Musa James, a friend and producer. We had to do everything from midnight to 5 am before the cars rolled down the street rushing to work. This is where CocoSol was born as a recording artist, the studio is magic for me!

How you guys came out with the title? I am not sure which title we are talking about here; I’ll pick the Album title. Well, I’m not 100% sure yet but I got a strong lead for “Confession” because it is a very intimate project, or plainly “Lucky Day” which may be the single.

We love funny stories here on VENTS, what has been one of the hilarious moments you have been or took part while touring?
National Mechanic, Philly January 5th, 2 years ago. We the Chocolate Sun band, are the head liner showcase. I have my right leg in a Purple Cast from the knee down and I am not allow to touch the ground. I’m standing holding Serena (my aqua Fender acoustic beauty) with my broken leg laying across a chair.
I am feeling on top of the world, part from just being out of confinement and playing! We’re doing good! Suddenly we go into this song progression - Vents Magazine

"Examiner :Phillys French Canadian Cocosol goes beyond her music and forms mobile school"

Cocosol the musical extraordinaire was born in the small French Canadian town of Ste-Hyacinth Province Quebec but grew up the international infused Montreal. There she was exposed to Cuban and African rhythms which resulted in her love for percussion with guitar being her passion. Her musical entrance in Philadelphia began as a songstress for the Philadelphia Classical Symphony for seven years in a family program. She wishes to make an impact in our community with songs that will be able to assist others in their life experiences. “It’s all about embracing who we are in this life and how we need to value experiences as we transcend going beyond. There are the lessons others may not see but music is the key.” Music is healing and healing is music. From the beginning of time musical vibrations have soothed the soul and sound therapy has proven to heal terminally ill patients.

Cocosol is a passionate and devoted spiritual being. She lived and served at the Kripalu Yoga and Health center for ten years and is a Kirtan leader. Kirtan is an ancient melodic chant that dates back to over five hundred years in India. Reciting these sacred mantras leads to energy shifts by offering an avenue to silence the mind. She leads monthly Kirtans at the Sacred Centers East in Chester Springs, PA on the fourth Friday of every month. She sings and plays at Ecclesia Spiritual Center in East Falls every third Friday. You can enjoy Cocosol performing throughout the region at festivals and venues such as Ortliebs Lounge

Four years ago on March 18 she had a spiritual awakening after an intense yoga session. She experienced a vision of a non-profit International Music and Performing Art School, starting in Philadelphia.
The company SOWELU was born out of that vision and is based on music production, performance and education to inspire and empower individuals by artistic expression. Sowelu Music is mobile, distributing private music classes throughout Philadelphia and its suburbs. As a faculty there is piano, guitar, voice, drums and percussions, as well as theory, composition and stage performance. Genres range from classical to jazz, pop, rock, funk and blues. Currently there are fifty students and six musician instructors. Sowelu Music has never advertised and has flourished as a result of referrals. Facebook/sowelumusic
- Examiner

"Music Review by Marjorie Preston, Philadelphia Weekly"

”Coco Sol Bastien
is an electrifying blend ancient rhythms
and keen pop sensibility, earthy ethnicity, with an unerring knack for the melodic hook. Oh, and she sings like she’s channeling
the angels. See her to believe her.”
- Philadelphia Weekly


The upcoming CD is simply entitled "CocoSol" and is referred to as being globally marketable crossing all genres, cultures and musical styles and unifying them. The unique writings and lyrical delivery expose new language and expressions defining life experiences and spiritual connections. CocoSol is prepared to take her position of spreading music to bring about change. Former CD is available



The Signature of Coco Sol

Musical extraordinaire Coco Sol, a name encompassing a combination of nicknames that have defined her throughout the seasons in her life (Cloclo, Petit Soleil, Sunshine and Coco). Coco Sol was born in the small French Canadian town of Ste-Hyacinthe Province Quebec and sometime thereafter her adopted family relocated to Quebec City. Later she grew up in the international infused Montreal during the era of the 80s and 90s. It was there that she was exposed to Cuban and African rhythms which resulted in her love for percussion. She began singing round 4 and started playing the piano at age 6 and later would pick up the guitar at twelve which she passionately refers to as her true love! She attended the Concordia University of Fine Arts and went on to dance and tour with famous Malian drummer, author and recording artist YaYa Diallo throughout various Canadian regions.
Cocos musical entrance in Philadelphia began as a Songstress for the Philadelphia Classical Symphony for 7 years (a family program). There was the creation of Do it Duo with Jana Kane and they performed in a childrens program on major stages throughout the city.
Later she toured with Christiana Gallagher from Paris as a French acoustic duo Les Tourterelles for four years. The duo created sparks amongst the universities, colleges, communities and radio shows. Jill Pastarnack of Crossover WRTI Temple University radio stated that their last concert which was successfully held at the Philadelphia Academy of vocal arts in 2008 was simply electrifying!
Coco plays a variety of musical instruments for different reasons. She plays the keys for her classical interest which consist of Bach and Mozart and basically utilizes the keys for the educational purpose of hearing and composing her harmonies. When it comes to percussion she will play with anything with sticks but her ethnic exposures resulted in her learning to play passionately the Latin flavored congas, the African djembe and the timbales which ironically is the French word for timpani or kettledrums.
However French Canadian born Coco feels overall that the guitar is her fire, her stage, and often refers to the instrument as her stage weapon! Im always developing it. Its something that Im never going to be done with. I love the presence of the guitar. Its one of my greatest passions!
Just as this musical extraordinaire is multicultural so is her signature product. Her international flavor and soulfulness are refreshing. The fact that she has the abilities as a musician, composer and a self contained artist who writes everything from the bass line, to harmonies, to lyrics is incredible!
Her band "Chocolate Sun" under the musical direction of multitalented musician Doug Grisby consisting of bass guitarist Nate Grove;drums Joh Hall; lead guitar and background vocals Melvin "BlacqMel" McKnight.