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Kid tested and mother approved, CODA contains 25 vitamins and minerals and full serving of funk. Their five crunchy layers will help keep you focused and rocking out all day. They're magically delicious, and they're part of this complete breakfast.

One day in freshman year, a wee little lad by the name of Luc asked Madelaine the fateful question that started it all. Sweat poured down his face as his hands trembled in nervous anticipation: "wanna come over my house and uhh... ya know.. start a band?" ..."sure"

And they did. Unfortunately our two heroes were not acquainted with any guitarists. So Luc picked up a guitar and enlisted his friend on bass... many months pass, many meaning 12, and the trio becomes a quartet, adding Chris on guitar. The band struggles on their journey to find a band name. The Dnyosours? Fishtank? The Government? All of their early attempts at naming their wonderful creation failed miserably. They played Battle of the Bands and didn't really get any other gigs, but that was ok, morale was high.

And then one other fateful day, as they sat in Maddy's kitchen, they realized they should stop trying so hard, and saw that the name had been right in front of their noses the whole time, on Maddy's bass drum! And so, Coda was born, the bright-eyed bundle of joy belonging to four high school kids.

Later, the band was posed with a quandry. They required a saxophone player so that they could play Play The Funky Music White Boy at NK's Battle of the Bands. The obvious choice was Matt Beatty on baritone saxophone. He ended up staying, forever, and eating all of our food. But it's ok because we have lots of food. Oh, by the way, we got first place at that Battle of the Bands.
Anyways, the tree fell over in the woods when nobody was around and still ended up making a noise (we recorded it, trust us), and our bassist departed from our fellowship. Yet another fateful day, a tallish lad by the name Justin was called upon to fill the void that had been left when Luc moved to bass. And fill the void he did.

And that is how the band as it is known today was formed. They have played days and nights, on dark stages and on rainy lawns, for the high school and for reward, and conquered all foes who crossed their pathes.

CODA combines a clusterFUNK of different styles and influences such as: Dispatch, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, John Mayer, State Radio, Garaj Mahal, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Dave Matthews Band, and Lettuce, to create magical cosmic jams.