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"Know Your Rock Star: Code 956"

Some of the most authentic hip-hop in the Valley is just a phone call away. The trifecta of streetwise twentysomethings who make up Code 956 mix their cross-country musical backgrounds into a sound that's starting to make waves here in 78501 and beyond. The only real secret left about these disciples of Method Man, Nas and Pharcyde is what their plans are if their area code were to ever change again.


U.V. (Uvaldo Gonzalez IV), 20, Palmview
Bhugz (Fritz Castronuevo), 28, Chicago, Ill.
Demo (Jon Cyrus Basto), 20, Queens, NYC


>>>> Q&A <<<<<

High school memories?

(U.V.): Me and Demo actually went to a small private school in Sharyland. I don't really think they would even want me mentioning their name. Haha

Word you only understand if you're from the Valley ...

(U.V.): Neta

(Demo): No mames wey!

(Bhugz): Can't think of one

How did Code 956 begin?

(U.V.): Well basically Bhugz had 2 other members before me and D... but they went their separate ways.

(Demo): And me and U.V. had been rapping together for a while. Then I met Bhugz and we all started doing songs together and here we are.

Fill in the blank: "If I were a Jonas Brother, I'd be _________________________"

(Demo): Who the hell are the Jonas Bros.?

(U.V.): I think they're virgins...

What's your biggest gig thus far?

(U.V.): Well it definitely had to be our first performance at the VFW in Mcallen. It was real memorable to all of us.

In one year, we'll be _________________________________

(Demo): Wherever God wants us.

(Bhugz): Professionals.

(U.V.): On top of the world!

What are you favorite bands with numbers in their names?

(U.V.): 50 Cent, 2pac

(Bhugz): 3-6 Mafia

(Demo): 50 Cent, and Code 956 of course!

Party hearty? Describe.

(Demo): Yeah...Way too hard.

(Bhugz): Yes. Moderately Ludicrous

(U.V.): I don't party much. I got a lil' girl on the way, so I just been takin' it easy with all that!

What is your mom's favorite Code 956 song?

(Bhugz): "It's Ya Moment" from our first mixtape

(Demo): "Drops of Ink"

(U.V.): "Everyday Thing" is my mom's favorite. Cause I shout her out in it.

*Code 956 also does live performances for parties, birthdays, and any occasions if you are interested in booking Code 956 send a message and we will respond with a phone number to contact us or send an e-mail to and we will respond promptly.*
- The Monitor: Festiva


Group Albums - "Code 956: Mixtape Volume 1"; "Code 956 Mixtape Volume 1.5, 'The Re-Release'"

Solo Albums - U.V. - "Back 2 Basiks"
Group Singles - "Everyday Thing"; "It's Ya Moment"; "We Gon' Ride"; "Choppa Dance"
Solo Singles - U.V. "City Lights"; "Renegade (It's Like)"



Code 956 came about in the year 2006. Three members originally were featured in the group: U.V., Bhugz, and Demo. Early influences of the group include Jay-Z, Eminem, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., and 50 Cent. Hip-hop has always come naturally to the group and they have been able to put together great music, including the 2007 mixtape: "Code 956: Mixtape Volume 1". This album featured a variety of different songs for all occasions. The mixtape included the single "Everyday Thing" which was a conscious song that displayed raw emotion and talent from the artists, who rhymed about disheartening events that have gone on in their lives. "It's Ya Moment" was another critically acclaimed track that showcased the rappers rhyming about taking seizing the moments in life that are given to you. What sets these rappers apart from other bands is there versatility. Code 956 has written many different types of songs, they have set themselves apart from other rappers because they take risks in their music. Next step for the group is the follow up to the first mixtape and solo projects by the individual members of the group. Rapper U.V. will be releasing his first solo album in March of '09.