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Code 956

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Code 956 is a hip-hop group with many versatile styles. We can bring up tempo dance songs and also give you those songs that make you think. We have been rapping for years together and have made a name for ourselves througout the RGV. Our music is for any fans of hip-hop or any fans of good music.


Code 956 came about in the year 2006. Three members originally were featured in the group: U.V., Bhugz, and Demo. Early influences of the group include Jay-Z, Eminem, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., and 50 Cent. Hip-hop has always come naturally to the group and they have been able to put together great music, including the 2007 mixtape: "Code 956: Mixtape Volume 1". This album featured a variety of different songs for all occasions. The mixtape included the single "Everyday Thing" which was a conscious song that displayed raw emotion and talent from the artists, who rhymed about disheartening events that have gone on in their lives. "It's Ya Moment" was another critically acclaimed track that showcased the rappers rhyming about taking seizing the moments in life that are given to you. What sets these rappers apart from other bands is there versatility. Code 956 has written many different types of songs, they have set themselves apart from other rappers because they take risks in their music. Next step for the group is the follow up to the first mixtape and solo projects by the individual members of the group. Rapper U.V. will be releasing his first solo album in March of '09.


Group Albums - "Code 956: Mixtape Volume 1"; "Code 956 Mixtape Volume 1.5, 'The Re-Release'"

Solo Albums - U.V. - "Back 2 Basiks"
Group Singles - "Everyday Thing"; "It's Ya Moment"; "We Gon' Ride"; "Choppa Dance"
Solo Singles - U.V. "City Lights"; "Renegade (It's Like)"

Set List

Our set list includes usually includes about 5 songs and lasts about 30 minutes. We are very flexible and are able to go for as much as 1 hour and a half (whatever is needed).