Code Atom combines raw emotion, thought provoking messages, and blinding intensity to form a sound and energy that will leave you breathless. See YOU at the show!


A fusion of raw power and breathtaking emotion, sweeping it’s listener along an intense inner journey...this is CODE ATOM. Given life in late 2002, and held together by the vastly eclectic styles of it’s five members, they have forged a sound that is commonly referred to as powerful, moving and simply as original. Their live show brings so much energy and intensity to the stage, that it forces the listener to feel the music instead of only hearing it. Their live show has been described as“…one of the most passionate, intense and soulful live shows I have ever seen” (Aaron Hickman/Project 96.1 FM Atlanta). They have sold over 500 + copies of their first full length “At the Edge of Reason”, since its release, and they have rocked the stage with national acts including Godsmack, Cartel, Nonpoint, Mother’s Finest, Burn Season, and Allele, just to name a few. CODE ATOM was recently the FIRST unsigned band to ever perform at The Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta, and to a sold out crowd at that! They were also voted as winners of the 2006 Sweetwater Showdown. Frequently featured on “Project Homegrown” on Atlanta’s “Project 96.1 FM”, and in regular rotation on various internet radio stations including, they’ve continued to build their already fierce following, ever willing to expose their music to as many people as possible, if even to touch only one. Join us on the journey…This is CODE ATOM…


2005- At The Edge of Reason (Full Length)
2007- COMING SOON! Local Love Loud "Embrace The Music" Compliation CD featuring "Out in the Cold" by Code Atom!


Set List

Code Atom can perform an opening set of 30-45 minutes to a full headlining set of 1 1/2 hours plus!