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Manchester, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Manchester, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Hell Yeah EP Review"

A nifty little hard rocking EP here and one that kicks out the jams from a new band hailing from Barrow NW England. Apparently they have played support slots with some pretty diverse bands such as The Futurheads, The Buzzcocks and The Sugababes (but never mind the last one).

The three songs here are a taster of hopefully will develop in the future to a full length album as this is pretty strong and enjoyable stuff. First up is ‘Hell Yeah’ which comes in running at full tilt boogie before slowing down and letting singer Johnny Regan slowly build into a huge chorus. It’s a tried and tested method yelling a songs title out loud and repeatedly but it works here, delivered at maximum velocity and is hard to ignore. Guitars are also at hand to jam away with a bluesy refrain and the soloing is well handled here too. Next up is ‘Pull Out Your Knife’ hmm in these times lets hope it doesn’t get adopted as a gang anthem or anything as it certainly stabs away at you. The main chorus here kind of has that same tempestuous feel as Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Bullet In The Head,’ to my ears and certainly has that kick ass quality about it even if the musicianship is a bit more subtle. I like the cover of the EP too illustrated in black and white with a kid brandishing a claret coloured blade. Last song is an odd one lyrically ‘Little Boy’ and could also be referenced on the cover. It deals with the grim subject or childhood abduction and musically accentuates it with a sombre tone. Without spoiling it anymore all I can say is go and check these songs out at the link below. I can see this band going somewhere and doubt it will be the last I hear of them.
- Pete Woods - Metal Team uk - January 2010

"Hell Yeah EP Review"

Hell Yeah is a sexy sweet track which will get any stiff up and rocking along! The band then show more of there talent on the moving and emo song called, ‘Little Boy’, a great success so buy it now! 8/10
- Jay James - Rock Industry - January 2010

"Hell Yeah EP Review"

Dark, dirty, bleak... it's the story that CodeJAK are presenting on Hell Yeah, and the first taste of what we are to be presented with next year when the bands debut album lands.

The Barrow four piece present a dark look at the world, at times sleazy, and times just plain painful, yet presented in a way that means you keep hitting play when the three tracks come to their conclusion.

It's true that these were a new bunch to me, I'd heard about them surrounding their performance at the London International Tattoo Convention a few months ago, but that was about it, had no more idea than I might know the opening band on a three band lineup in a village hall in the middle of nowhere.

Surprises are good.

The middle track on the EP, Pull Out Your Knife, reminds me so much of a band that I've loved for quite a few years, yet have failed to materialise any success whatsoever, that being Australia's Doomfoxx. The track has a dark sleazy nastiness to it that you just can't hide from, and by the second listen, you probably won't want to anyway.

Finish up with the bleak terror of Little Boy, and you've got a well rounded set up that has certainly left me eager for more.

This record might make D.H. Lawrence suddenly decide to give up writing and go skipping off into the fields to pick flowers! Bang up job guys.

And if that wasn't enough, you can head on over to the bands MySpace right now to check out all three songs on their music player.

Win Win then I say! - Mike Elliott - Komodo Rock - January 2010

"Hell Yeah EP Review"

CodeJak are a band in which Alternative Vision will be watching closely throughout 2010 as they are simply outstanding and one of the best new rock bands that England has to offer!
- Band of the month - Alternative Vision - January 2010

"Hell Yeah EP Review"

I liked this, but that shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone who knows me. After all, what could be better than three minutes of galloping guitar riffs, topped off with regular chants of "Hell, Yeah!"? Not much, I can tell you.

And it seems like they've got more than one money shot in the bank. The visceral, brooding 'Pull Out Your Knife' is equally, if differently awesome. Mainman Dan Turner certainly knows how to write a good tune, and they could be one of the beat combos to watch out for in 2010! - Zeitgeist - January 2010

"Hell Yeah EP Review"

The insistent groove of lead track "Hell Yeah" is an assured start for this young four piece from Barrow in the North West of England with this three track EP acting as a preview to their full length debut due in the next few months. A hard driving and pulsating blast of alternative rock CodeJAK maintain the quality control with the muscular dirge of "Pull Out Your Knife" that makes use of an effective hook and a vocal delivery that spits out rage and frustration. The dark and sinister "Little Boy" highlights an alternative side of the band and there is a confidence and maturity to this release that suggests a promising future. - Dean Pedley - Sea Of Tranquility - January 2010


Nov 2008 - EVERMAN - Album (Limited Edition)

Jan 2009 - SLEEPER - Video (Promo)

Jan 2010 - HELL YEAH - EP (Available on itunes)

Jan 2010 - HELL YEAH - Single (Available on itunes)

Jan 2010 - PULL OUT YOUR KNIFE - Single (Available on itunes)

Jan 2010 - LITTLE BOY - Single (Available on itunes)

April 2010 - HELL YEAH - Video (Official Debut Video)



CodeJak have been together since early 2007 touring the UK in every city in the UK. But after recently headlining the Marshall Stage at The International London Tattoo Convention in 2009 things started to get bigger and better for CodeJak. They signed to major PR and Press agent Roland Hyams (AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden) Just as they released their debut EP "Hell Yeah" in January, which was followed by outstanding reviews and tons of air-play on major radio stations!

"One of the best bands that England have to offer" - Alternative Vision

CodeJak's debut video for "Hell Yeah" was released in April 2010 and is being shown on SKY TV and it will be available to view on more music channels soon including, Kerrang and Scuzz!

They are also the only European band at ROCK SAGA 2011 in Jamaica, and have played alongside the likes of: The Buzzcocks, The Holloways, The Futureheads, Forever Never, One Night Only, Sylosis, Ghost of a thousand, The Whip, EX-Simple Minds and even the Sugababes!

CodeJak also won the "BEST BAND" and "BEST SONG" awards in the Cumbria Music Awards in December 2009!

The "Hell Yeah" EP is also featured on "Extreme Combat 2" an MMA cage fight night DVD out very soon!