atmospheric rock with rock overtones


Located in Winston-Salem, NC and formed in 1995, by three brothers (James, Jon and Matt)
who grew up playing music together. In high school they met Eric (Weyer) and Dave (Owen vocalist from 1995-2000) who shared the same musical interests. After a few months with no vocalist they met Jeff (Jenkins) and in the fall of 1995 Codeseven was born.

The first group of songs the band had written and recorded was for a demo was later picked up and released by local indie label Huel records. These demos later turned out to be the band's first release "Paper or Plastic."

Bassist Jon Tuttle remembers, "We had only written six songs in our entire lives. We knew we were far from finding our own sound and needed time to grow." Two years later, the band was discovered by indie label The Music Cartel. After signing with the label in 1997 the band released “A Sense of Coalition” in July of 1998.

'Coalition' got a warm reception at college radio, landing them a top 10 debut record, and putting the band on the map. The standout track on Coalition ended up being the cover of Don Henleys "Boys of Summer" which was later critiqued and praised on the Howard Stern Show by Howard himself.

Not long after the release of Coalition the band headed into the studio to record the follow-up EP "Division of Labor." Recorded by Kurt Ballou at God City Studio in Boston, MA the band decided to experiment with heavier sounds but still keep the melodic edge. "Since day one our thing was to take aggressive music but add melody in with it and make it sound seemless. That was our thing, and with “Division” we tried to push that even farther. It sounds crazy, but in 95 there weren't a lot of bands doing was an unconventional way to write", states Jon.

Division hit the streets to numerous rave reviews. Interviews started showing up in magazines such as Hit Parader, Metal Maniacs, Terrorizer, Kerrang and countless underground fanzines across the US and throughout Europe. CMJ stated, “With chiming guitar tones, quirky time changes and a delicate balance between loudness and melody, CODESEVEN whirls like Hot Water Music doing a tango with Cave In”. Division of Labor went on to top the CMJ metal charts and was featured on WWE's Sunday night Heat.

In 2000 the band parted ways with second vocalist Dave (Owen). Partially as a result of Dave's exit, the band collectively decided to revaluate themselves, and where the band was going. The now-veteran group decided it was best to take a year off. Jon reminisces, "We were burnt out I guess...and needed to take a break. None of us were really happy but didn't want to give up on the band either so taking time off was the only thing we could do that would not break us up." When the band decided to get back together and start writing they thought it was best to forget everything musically they had done in the past and start fresh. The heavy/melodic songs no longer seemed experimental. Pushing the boundries is what Codeseven has always tried to do, and their next record would be no different. When writing what would end up being "The Rescue" they pushed harder than ever before to come up with something exciting and fresh. Drawing on the eclectic, experimental interest of such bands as Pink Floyd and Bjork, while capturing the energy and emotion of punk, the ideas were begining to fall into place and "The Rescue" was born.

"The Rescue" was produced, engineered, and recorded by Alex Newport (At The Drive In, Mars Volta, Melvins) "The Rescue" was released in May 2002 to critical acclaim. While surprising a good portion of their original fan base with the departure of aggression, this was a new band with the same name. With the release, however, a new fan base was established proving that the band made the right decision. Codeseven toured incessantly on the release with such notable acts as Coheed and Cambria, Dredg, Poison the Well and Hopesfall. The band had also made new fans while appearing with the likes of Deftones, Finch, and Year of The Rabbit.

Codeseven has taken the last 8 months off to write their Equal Vision Records debut (fall 04). The band will be entering the studio in June 2004 to record the follow up to the Rescue with producer Michael Birnbaum (Coheed and Cambria) in Woodstock,NY. When asked What to expect on the new record Eric stated "I think we created our own little monster with the Rescue and we will continue to build on that even more. This will definitely not be the Rescue part 2. Its shaping up to be a little darker/electronic and very interesting."

--Watch for the new album to be released late summer/early fall 2004--


Sense of Coalition, Division of Labor, The Rescue