Circus of Dead Squirrels

Circus of Dead Squirrels


If the biggest names in Industrial, Metal, and satire marched themselves into a Circus tent that ended up being a giant meat-grinder, CODS would be the sausage that came out the other end.


Circus of Dead Squirrels (CODS) is an original mix of metal, industrial, and rock located in Hartford, CT. Equipped with theater style squirrel masks and more sounds than any band you’ve ever heard on stage, CODS always manages to turn some heads wherever they perform. CODS have gained a large fan base worldwide as independent, self-promoting musicians. As of August 2008, CODS has sold over 5,000 CDs without the help of any label. In September of 2007 they traveled to Florida to play an unsigned artist industry showcase where they were scored on their performance. Of 20 bands, CODS received the second highest ratings from judges directly involved in the music industry. They have played numerous shows throughout the New England area in the past few years as well. They released an animated video for the song “Elmo’s Last Laugh” and it can be seen right on CODS have also recently received a rave review of their latest album in Outburn Magazine (which can be read on their official website). Here is the official story:

Circus of Dead Squirrels (CODS) at times has been called "silly" and "offensive." The truth of the matter is this: If you can't laugh at the mess we've all made, then you better damn well be doing something productive to fix it instead of constantly criticizing others. As a society, we have been given the bait by the ones who control us. We have been fed with the Hollywood gossip, the health and beauty products, the weight loss programs, the anti-depression medication, the infomercials, the feel-good sitcoms, the religious salvation, the gender and racial stereotypes... the list could go on and on. The mainstream music, with pointless, robotic and cliche lyrics strategically designed to sell to the brainwashed masses, continues to pour in millions of dollars a year. CODS are not a part of this "popular culture". CODS are artists seeking and exposing the truth while discovering a much needed humor buried within it along the way.

CODS was created by Pancho Ripchord (Matt Foran), Ninja Turtle Liberace (Daniel Raphael), and Von Boc (John Beeler) in 2001. The trio began working together in a high school ska/metal band called Toilet Duck in 1999. After realizing that many of the band members were not serious musicians, they decided to turn to keyboards and programming to compensate for their losses. This decision would ultimately lead to the birth of CODS. They spent months together programming songs. Although they never completely lost some punk/ska elements, they began to slowly incorporate more of an industrial style into their music. The members were huge fans of the industrial scene and credit Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, Ministry, Front Line Assembly, and Skinny Puppy as some of their biggest influences. The band attempted to perform live, still using the name Toilet Duck, (which later would be changed to Dead Duck Flush, The Baby Jesus Abortion?, and Squirrelbait before finally becoming CODS) but had no luck. The search for solid musicians was still a major problem. The band released two demos under the name Toilet Duck.

In 2003, they decided that it was time to finally release a full length album independently under their own ForaNatioN Records. They changed their name to Circus of Dead Squirrels (which seemed to describe their music quite well) and started recording Indoor Recess with engineer Mark Alan Miller (Out Out, Metropolis Records) at the Slaughterhouse Recording Studio (then in Hadley, MA now in West Hampton, MA). The album was released in 2004 and the reaction was astounding. "8-Bit Piece of Shit" became an instant underground hit. Shortly after the release of the album, Ripchord and NTL parted ways with Von Boc and various new members were added for live performance of the record. Many changes occurred in the line-up but CODS continued to perform. Their fan base was rapidly increasing and finally Ripchord and NTL knew that their effort through all of the previous years was truly worth it. They decided to release a remix album of Indoor Recess entitled Outdoor Recess in 2005. The album featured remixes by Out Out, VeinCage, Intricate Unit, Tragedie Ann, and more.

More and more people were discovering the music of CODS, including many people involved in the music industry. They were offered multiple record contracts from other indie labels but nothing seemed to be the right option for the band. Circus of Dead Squirrels was becoming a major force in the industrial metal world. With this came a line-up of what for a long period of time seemed like the right musicians. The line-up was: Ripchord on vocals, NTL on keys/guitar, Von Boc returned to play bass, Omega (Craig Douglas) on drums, and Mr. Furious (Dennis Boehm) on keys. The new members even started to get involved with the creation of music. Together they began writing their next record.


Nobody Quite Like Me

Written By: Circus of Dead Squirrels

Twenty-five years somehow still alive
I got the will but not the strength to die
this gentle breeze makes me feel alright
if I could just hold on to the way that I feel tonight
twenty-five years just to end like this
searching for a cure that will never exist
grown so tired of being stuck in this place
with these heartless hypocrites known as the human race
I spent my life sitting on the wall where I lost myself right before the fall
all the king’s horses all the king’s men could never ever put me back together again
everything I told myself a wonderful lie
everything I promised disappeared in time
walking in circles got me nowhere quick
I traded my soul for a fortune worth shit
must be nice to be so unified
to have your little clicks and a place to hide
to pass your judgment on a creative mind
to work your nine to five retire and die
no tie around my neck
no thorns upon my head
no needle in my vein
nobody quite like me
light the candle say an amen
it could never ever put me back together again
drank the wine I’ve heard the sermons
it could never ever put me back together again

8-Bit Piece of Shit

Written By: Circus of Dead Squirrels

Obey the Lord of this magic mushroom kingdom
Hey Mario! You're gonna fucking die!
Come with me back in time, come with me back to 1989

Mario's mustache tickles Luigi's asshole
Two Italians in an Asian world, eating spaghetti with cat meatballs
Jump up and squash a goomba; Fuck that give me fire power

Blowing in the cartridge; This fucking piece of shit still won't fucking work!
Bought it from a tag sale; You fucking dicks! I want my dollar back!
Blowing in the system; What kind of bullshit is this anyway!?!
The controller is all sticky now; I should've never put those fucking stickers on it!

The Mario and Duck hunt game...
Nothing beats it still to this day
I just wanna shoot that goddamn dog!
Motherfucker don't you laugh at me!
The ducks must be smoking crack
I'm 3 inches from the screen, still missing!

Bow your head down when before the Lord!

Has that mushroom gone straight to your head?
(Mario) HAIL King Bowser!
Thay're gonna find you in a pipe, smushed up dead!
(Mario) HAIL King Bowser!

Dodging fireballs in this lava pool,
Where is that fucking bitch Princess Toadstool!?!
Thank you Mario, but our Princess is in another castle
Find Princess Toadstool! Bring her to me!
More than a kiss! Get down on your knees!

I must be re-ta-tarded, to write a song about this shit

Bullet Bill and the turtles with wings
The Cheap-Cheaps and the fucking squid things
Hammer brothers got the target on your balls
and they castrate Mario for breaking Koopa's laws!
No more continues, no option to save
Game Over!

Bow your head down when before the Lord!

Has that mushroom gone straight to your head?
(Mario) HAIL King Bowser!
Thay're gonna find you in a pipe, smushed up dead!
(Mario) HAIL King Bowser!

Losing Touch

Written By: Circus of Dead Squirrels

There’s no medication that can help me now
There’s no medication that can save me now
There’s no medication that can stop me now
Everyone get the fuck away from me before I fucking snap
I’m the clown shooting people in the face for a laugh
I want my mommy to make you all disappear
Like she said she fucking would
Filthy looks follow me because I’m tattooed and unshaven
But all you heathens look so pretty to me
I’ve lost touch with all you fucks
And everything in my life including myself
Chew your mouth until it swallows you
Fuck yourself until you reproduce
Smile swallow
Put on a happy face
Smile twitch put on a happy face motherfucker
In an alternate reality the world is full of harmony
Until the veins pop out of my head
The doctor keeps a safe distance in the room
Prescribing me something brand new
Yet never heard a fucking word that I said
Hear the screams of the lullaby
In the darkest chambers of the tortured mind
Where the saints and sinners show no divide
Where the human race lines up to die
Inside my mind everything dies
Say those words to me over and over again
Things get better but first more shit begins
I don’t have the patience to play this fucking game anymore
I think I’d rather slit my throat
It always looks like a rose then starts to stink like a corpse
Then the feeling from a broken heart burning like a blowtorch
I’ve lost touch with my love
And everything in my life including myself
There’s no medication that can stop me now
Maybe I should just kill myself
Spill my brain all over the floor.


INDOOR RECESS 2004 (Debut Album)

-Received airplay on Hartford, CT's 106.9 WCCC
-Received airplay on numerous internet radio stations including FL's "Rock Solid Pressure" (also awarded "Best Album of 2006")
-Recently re-released after being out of print for almost two years

OUTDOOR RECESS 2005 (Remix album)


-Received airplay on Hartford, CT's 106.9 WCCC
-Received airplay on numerous internet radio stations
-Reviewed in Outburn Magazine

All three albums are for sale at,,, and more

Set List

CODS' set list ranges anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes and includes all original material. Currently CODS play the following songs live:

-8-Bit Piece of Shit
-Plastic Messiah
-Sea Monkey Kill!
-Bendable Jesus
-Death Saves the Derelict
-Overpopulation Annihilation
-The Happy Meal-Worm
-Losing Touch
-President Pinocchio
-Elmo's Last Laugh
-Hell's Kitchen
-Nobody Quite Like Me
-Utopia Burning