Cody Brandell

Cody Brandell

 Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

Cody's smooth, sweet, tenor voice makes it difficult to place him into a specific genre. He is a face that is capable of leading the music industry into its next phase of legends. With his fashion sense, marketability, and wholesome demeanor Cody has all the tools to be accepted by the masses.


So many words can describe this exhilarating yet sensual phenom Cody Brandell. His Spicy yet soothing vocals we're birthed in Crowley, LA and raised in Lafayette. LA. Cody grew up in a musically inclined family.The influence from his family and his favorite artist is what helps him captivate his creativity, piano playing, and writing ability. His motivation for writing and creating music is seeing people appreciate his music and being an influence for other aspiring artist.

Cody Brandell is the lead vocalist of the eight piece Ask The Thomas Bros band. Cody and the Ask The Thomas Bros band turn heads and prick ears in any venue and setting. The have rocked the stages of numerous universities,charity events,weddings and venues. The band, the look, the sound, and the feel are integral factors that set this band apart,
deservedly bestowing a distinct label of uniqueness, which has attracted a solid fan base for Cody and The Ask The Thomas Brothers band.


Cody Brandell - MF (feat. LG)

"Retrospect" Aug 2012
"The Wait Is Over" June 2011

"RetroSound" Oct 2015

Set List

  • Ofificial 
  • Wave 
  • Aint in Love 
  • Kruzin 
  • Special
  • For your Love