Cody Burbage

Cody Burbage


My music is a dramatic expression or life, love, and spirituality. Based in alternative pop, the music is catchy with big choruses that are about experiences that everyone has experienced.


"The first thing I hear is "Where did you find him?" Says Butch Butcher. A musician from Charleston, SC who runs an open mic that Burbage Started playing at a couple years ago.
"He takes everybody by surprise as soon as he opens his mouth. The amount of passion that pours from his body is just so entertaining. You just cant take your eyes away and you cant escape the emotion and expression from his songs."
Cody Burbage, 22, lives in Charleston and is originally from Cleveland, Ohio where he grew up listening to The Beatles, The Monkees, Michael Jackson and other pop music alike. "I always have had a beat or a melody in my head but singing and guitar playing didn't come until I was 16" says Burbage, "My best friend helped me learn a few chords and I just took on the instrument so well." So well in fact that he is about to release his first full length all acoustic record this December.
Burbage wrote about his new record in a interview, "I decided to make the new record all acoustic because I just wanted it to be very intimate and so intense. There is something about acoustic recordings that is so raw and so tangible that creates less boundaries between artist and listener, and I guess I'm wiling to be vulnerable if it can get my message across. I figure I have the rest of my music career to make good full band records and I only get one chance to make an acoustic record and be a rookie."
"Kingdom Come" is the title track on the new record showing the spiritual side of Cody Burbage. Faith plays a big part on his music, even in the love songs there are underlining themes that show that God is very real and important in his life. Along with 9 other tracks this album shows a lot of heart from a kid thats just trying to figure it all out.
"...and if I can help someone through some pain from a relationship gone bad or finding comfort about the answers to life with my music then I am successful with or without a record deal and a music video. It's just not about that for me."


Full Length (2008) "Kingdom Come"
EP (2007) "The Good Clue"

Set List

Most sets are acoustic and range from one to three hours. Set list usually are mostly original with a couple covers.

I Still Need You
Heart and Lips
Love Catastrophe
Break Here
For the ex-Girlfriend
All I Ever Wanted
Car Seat Distance
Used Man
Heroes are Rare
Humans and Angels
Im Not Okay
Goodnight Love
Dying Star
Kingdom Come

"Across The Universe" The Beatles
"Strawberry Feilds Forever" The Beatles
"Homeward Bound" Simon and Garfunkel
"Screaming Infidelities" Dashboard Confessional