Cody Burbage

Cody Burbage


My Music is Pop with an Alternative twist. Its very expressive and very emotional. I try to write not just my own feelings but also the feelings of people that I know and love. Every song tells a story and relates to love, life, and faith.

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Break Here

Written By: Cody Burbage

Rebellion exist in my heart and on my face and I'm not sure how much more that i can take. my fuse is short and my patients is thin. will i ever win? how much will i spend?

So we'll wait here for the best part of the day, throw our pain away, forget desioins we made. So we'll break here for the last time today, to cry our tears and rid these fears they wont bring us down.

Bones in my closet now are starting to decay, from prayers i've lost to love that has cost me my everything. Analyzing doesn't help anyone it just screws things up as they seem. Just breath lay down and sleep.

I'm so tired of drawing from this hat, stupid things that never last, hoping for the day to come, to be cured of disease and run from all the lies that i have herd, smack, rough talk and those hateful words, one day we will run.

Car-Seat Distance

Written By: Cody Burbage

It's been a long road and I can Finally say it's so good to be alive today and now my lungs can breath but now my heart sees how desperate I am for you.

You've got me tied up to your heart and I'm falling from the start, just vow to me it won't be in vain. Just kiss me know and see what you have been missing.

Wrapped around your finger now, you know i think i seem to be but there is not enough rocks to weigh me down under the sea. But no matter where i go your kisses always know, the distance between car-seats is killing me.

You don't know how deep this cut makes me bleed. Welcome mats to white hats, all the things that never last, they make me think.

Car-seat distance car-seat distance, God, guard this car-seat distance.


"The Good Clue" EP-Released September 25, 2007
1. Prelude
2. Break Here
3. Car-seat Distance
4. For the ex-Girlfriend
5. Love Catastrophe
6. Goodnight Love
7. Humans and Angels
8. Benediction

Set List

Cody performs an all original set list that can last from and hour to an hour and a half depending on what is needed. A sample set list is;
1. I Still Need You
2. Humans and Angels
3. Heros are Rare
4. For the ex-Girlfriend
5. Break Here
6. Benediction
7. Leigh Ann
8. All That I Ever Wanted
9. Goodnight Love
10. Logic
11. Love Castrophe