Cody Gibson

Cody Gibson


Cody Gibson plays a blend of Country Punk Rock. With up tempo songs such as "Jenny Lee" and slower songs of heartbreak like "Whiskey Nights" Cody Gibson covers a wide variety of emotions in his set.


After playing guitar in Punk band Autopsy Outlaws and singing and playing guitar in Country band Rusted Skillet. I have decided to venture out on my own. My influences range from Minor Threat to Hank Williams, Lucero, and Drive By Truckers. My songs range from cow-punk to country. All of my influneces show through in my music. All of the songs I have recorded have been D.I.Y. in my home. Give them a listen and I hope you enjoy.


Whiskey Nights

Written By: Cody Gibson

Verse 1:
Well I tried, I tried to hold fast, and I tried to make it last, but the words, the words that I spoke couldn't give me what I asked.
Now I'll try, I'll try and understand, how we got out of hand. Cause the love we once felt, was finally out manned.
And I hope to God some day, this pain will drift away, but until then tell all my friends, it's whiskey nights til then.
Verse 2:
Tonight was looking pretty grim, so girl I left out again. The sun won't shine too bright, tomorrow at it's first light. Hell I can't, I just can't seem, to be who you want me to be. So I guess it's me and the road, we'll see what tomorrow will hold.
Girl I was born to run, hell I can't trust no one, and the road is calling my name, hell if I don't go I'll go insane, cause girl I was born to run.
Verse 3:
Don't think I didn't love you so, but the road won't let me go. No chains gonna tie me down. So I'll see you the next time around.


"My Own Way" - Self recorded and promoted record 2009

Set List

My set list consist of a multitude of songs I have written over the years plus a few covers of bands which have influenced me along the way.