Cody Gill

Cody Gill

 Stephenville, Texas, USA

6 years of grassroots operation leading to two albums with Smith Music & more than 1,000 live performances. 2nd album King of Your Hometown provided “Roadsigns” which peaked at #18 on the TX Music Chart & held for 19 weeks in the Chart’s Top 50. 2009 Gruene with Envy New Artist of the Year nominee.


The Cody Gill Band’s debut performance in March of 2004 took place in a bar that was probably smaller than your garage, and undoubtedly pushed the Fire Marshall’s mandated capacity. Since that day, much beer has been sold, many songs have been written, and a loyal fan base spanning the state, country and beyond has assembled.

In 2007, the band released its debut full-length album titled Boxcars, produced by Mike McClure and released by Smith Entertainment. The single “Can’t Let Her Go” spent nine months on the Texas Music Chart and established The Cody Gill Band as a fixture on the Texas music circuit.

One year later in 2008, the band began writing, recording and self-producing their second full-length album titled King of Your Hometown. Again collaborating with Smith Entertainment, the album hit stores and radio waves in February of 2009. The album’s first two singles “King of Your Hometown,” a good-hearted, satirical memoir-of-sorts and “Crazy,” an old soul, new groove, up-beat, rockin’ sing-a-long, each reached the “Top-30” on the Texas Music Chart.

The soaring guitars, powerful vocals, driving drums and interwoven bass grooves of these highlighted songs, along with the other seven, formed a very well-received album by a CGB-thirsty audience. King of Your Hometown filled the Lonestar Music #2-Best-Seller position for two months. The success of the album propelled the band to new heights in the Texas music industry, and it provided a basis upon which the band could be recognized and awarded for its accomplishments, such as a nomination for “Gruene With Envy ‘New Artist of the Year.’”

In nearly 1000 performances in six years of hitting the road, The Cody Gill Band has shared the stage with the likes of Cross Canadian Ragweed, Randy Rogers Band, Stoney Larue, Jack Ingram, Reckless Kelly and many more.

The Cody Gill Band performs with a chemistry and family-like attitude not commonly found in any profession. Long hours on the road and days away from the norm bring out the truest of emotions, only to fuel the already-blazing fire dwelling in the underbelly of this nomadic foursome.


Boxcars- Release Date: May 2007
Label: Smith Music Group

1. Retreat
2. Gone

3. Can't Let Her Go * Peaked at #31 on the Texas Music Chart

4. Beacon in the Night
5. Home
6. My Place
7. In the Middle
8. Love is Never Caged
9. Drink Tonight
10. Song for You
11. Take Back
12. Ryan's Song
13. Buckle Bunny

King of Your Hometown- Release Date: February 2009
Label: Smith Entertainment

1. Consider
2. Threw Me Away

3. King of Your Hometown * Reach the Top 30 of the Texas Music Chart & landed them a nod for the 2009 Gruene with Envy New Artist of the Year award

4. Crazy * Reached the Top 30 of the Texas Music Chart

5. Special * Featured on the 2010 Music of Steamboat Springs compilation album

6. 18 in Mexico
7. Heart in the Middle
8. Crumble

9. Road Signs * Peaked at #18 on the Texas Music Chart & remained in the Top 50 for 19 weeks

10. Jack of Hearts
11. Movin' On