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Stephenville, Texas, United States | INDIE

Stephenville, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Country Rock


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" Review: February 2009 King of Your Hometown" Review: February 2009
King of Your Hometown

The four members of The Cody Gill Band hit the bullseye with "King Of Your Hometown," the upbeat and confident sophomore release from one of the most talked about new bands on the red dirt music scene. And these small town, country boys from Stephenville, Texas deliver eleven terrific songs that are genuine, real-life narratives put to music.

In 2007, The Cody Gill Band had a pretty good year. The band released its debut, full-length album, "Boxcars." Similarly, the single "Can't Let Her Go" was a fixture on the Texas charts and announced the band as a major force in Texas music. Formed in 2004, The Cody Gill Band started out playing at their local bar in Stephenville. Since then, they've criss-crossed America, and all of the band's hard work is more than evident on their stellar new album, "King Of Your Hometown."

Nine of the eleven songs on "King Of Your Hometown" were written by band members. The Cody Gill Band's nine original songs provide fresh, straightforward lyrics about love, youthful indiscretions, small-town life and country living. The band's music blurs the line between Texas country and southern rock. This provides a winning signature sound for The Cody Gill Band that makes them unique in red dirt music.

The first radio single from the album is the title track, "King Of Your Hometown." This song is destined to be a major country hit with its memorable melody, great instrumentation and subtle, sincere vocal performance by Gill. The lyrics of "King Of Your Hometown" are both nostalgic and socially relevant for today's tough economic times. Gill sings: "Everywhere you turn, another slamming door; when your dreams don't shine like they used to."

It seems appropriate that The Cody Gill Band's most passionate and rockin' tracks, including "Crazy" and "Movin' On," revolve around women. However, the finest songs on the album are actually cuts like the penetrating "Consider" and the melancholy ballad "Threw Me Away" that paint a full emotional picture for the listener. But the best song on the album is the track "Crumble," which showcases Gill's brilliant vocals and the band's soaring instrumental intensity. This song works on all levels. Indeed, "Crumble" shows the more vulnerable side of the band and is the album's biggest surprise.

"King Of Your Hometown" is an energetic and remarkably accomplished album that will catapult The Cody Gill Band into the big leagues of country music. The boys of The Cody Gill Band are already top of the pack in parts of Texas, and this album proves the band is serious about expanding their territory and becoming kings of every other hometown, too.

"RDR: Talking with Texas roots-rock-country group the Cody Gill Band"

By Andrew W. Griffin Red Dirt Report, editor
Posted: August 31, 2009

WICHITA FALLS, Texas – Coming off the Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred bicycle ride this past weekend, the sounds of Texas-style roots-rockin’ country music could be heard wafting through the unseasonably pleasant late August air. Upon further inspection of a nearby tent, set up for weary riders, The Cody Gill Band of Stephenville, Texas was found playing on the stage, belting out numbers from their first album, Boxcars, and their recently-released album from Smith Entertainment called King Of Your Hometown.
What a treat it was to hear this up-and-coming Texas/Red Dirt/Southern Rock band, led by former oil-field worker Cody Gill, who sings and writes music for the group. Making up the rest of the group is guitarist Zack Hooper and rounded out by a solid rhythm section including drummer Jarrod Baker and bassist Cooder Wade. This energetic quartet, that got its start in College Station, Texas and calls Stephenville home, rolled through originals and covers. With songs like the radio friendly “Heart in the Middle” sounds perfect next to a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and The Wallflowers song “One Headlight.”
It was a nice mix.Funny to think about the 2008 report on a San Angelo, Texas website which interviewed Gill and he noted that during a gig at some redneck bar in Deep East Texas, they had to have police protection because they weren’t playing enough Merle Haggard. Of course the audience was a lot more friendly this particular Saturday morning in Wichita Falls. No slurred and drunken requests for “Okie From Muskogee.”
Gill and the boys played a mix from their two albums, including the cowbell-friendly “Crazy” to harder songs like “Love Is Never Caged” to an inspired cover of the Stone Temple Pilots song “Interstate Love Song.” The Cody Gill Band gets it right and quickly wins folks over.
After the show, while they were loading up their van to head back to Stephenville, Gill, Baker, Wade and Hooper talked to Red Dirt Report about the gig and their music. “We got up here kind of early,” said Baker, as he loaded up his drum kit. “We left town at five o’clock this morning.” He then added that he thought they put on a great show. And this from a band that is used to playing after the sun goes down.
“I liked coming out here,” said Wade. “It’s our first time being here. It’s a cool deal.” Wade then noted that the picture-perfect weather felt “just like fall.” And the first of September was still a couple of days away and the event they were playing is called “Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred.” I guess hell freezes over every now and then.
But back to the band. Before long, Cody Gill himself comes to the van and the band trailer and talks to RDR about the new album, King Of Your Hometown, and the new single “Crazy.”
“People love the cowbell,” said Gill with a mischievous grin. Jarrod Baker, the drummer behind that infectious cowbell plays it well, by the way. As for their new album, which was released in February, is gaining more and more attention from fans of Texas/Red Dirt in Texas, Oklahoma and surrounding areas.
“It’s our second album,” Gill said. “We produced it ourselves.” Their first album, Boxcars, was produced by Oklahoma’s eclectic Red Dirt king Mike McClure. On this one, Gill said they did it themselves so they could find out what their real sound really was. And they are pleased with the results – 11 new songs.
The title track was the first single, followed by “Crazy.” And depending on how “Crazy” does, they may release “Heart in the Middle” as the next single. As for playing a gig for a Texas-sized bicycle ride, Gill said it was an honor to do so. He said Daniel Ahern, with the local Iron Horse Pub, where the band has played before, asked them if they would be interested in performing at the well-attended event. In fact, this was their first show of the day. Tonight they would play a tailgate-type gig at Midwestern State University here in Wichita Falls.
And the word is spreading about The Cody Gill Band.
“The first shock is from people who ask why they haven’t heard of us before,” Gill said, adding, “We are gaining a lot of loyal fans.”
And so far, they get lots of visits to their MySpace page ( and website ( Plus, their reputation is growing in North Texas, with gigs this fall in places ranging from Waxahachie, Texas to Sapulpa, Oklahoma.
And who knows. Maybe they’ll be coming to your town, sometime soon.

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Boxcars- Release Date: May 2007
Label: Smith Music Group

1. Retreat
2. Gone

3. Can't Let Her Go * Peaked at #31 on the Texas Music Chart

4. Beacon in the Night
5. Home
6. My Place
7. In the Middle
8. Love is Never Caged
9. Drink Tonight
10. Song for You
11. Take Back
12. Ryan's Song
13. Buckle Bunny

King of Your Hometown- Release Date: February 2009
Label: Smith Entertainment

1. Consider
2. Threw Me Away

3. King of Your Hometown * Reach the Top 30 of the Texas Music Chart & landed them a nod for the 2009 Gruene with Envy New Artist of the Year award

4. Crazy * Reached the Top 30 of the Texas Music Chart

5. Special * Featured on the 2010 Music of Steamboat Springs compilation album

6. 18 in Mexico
7. Heart in the Middle
8. Crumble

9. Road Signs * Peaked at #18 on the Texas Music Chart & remained in the Top 50 for 19 weeks

10. Jack of Hearts
11. Movin' On



The Cody Gill Band’s debut performance in March of 2004 took place in a bar that was probably smaller than your garage, and undoubtedly pushed the Fire Marshall’s mandated capacity. Since that day, much beer has been sold, many songs have been written, and a loyal fan base spanning the state, country and beyond has assembled.

In 2007, the band released its debut full-length album titled Boxcars, produced by Mike McClure and released by Smith Entertainment. The single “Can’t Let Her Go” spent nine months on the Texas Music Chart and established The Cody Gill Band as a fixture on the Texas music circuit.

One year later in 2008, the band began writing, recording and self-producing their second full-length album titled King of Your Hometown. Again collaborating with Smith Entertainment, the album hit stores and radio waves in February of 2009. The album’s first two singles “King of Your Hometown,” a good-hearted, satirical memoir-of-sorts and “Crazy,” an old soul, new groove, up-beat, rockin’ sing-a-long, each reached the “Top-30” on the Texas Music Chart.

The soaring guitars, powerful vocals, driving drums and interwoven bass grooves of these highlighted songs, along with the other seven, formed a very well-received album by a CGB-thirsty audience. King of Your Hometown filled the Lonestar Music #2-Best-Seller position for two months. The success of the album propelled the band to new heights in the Texas music industry, and it provided a basis upon which the band could be recognized and awarded for its accomplishments, such as a nomination for “Gruene With Envy ‘New Artist of the Year.’”

In nearly 1000 performances in six years of hitting the road, The Cody Gill Band has shared the stage with the likes of Cross Canadian Ragweed, Randy Rogers Band, Stoney Larue, Jack Ingram, Reckless Kelly and many more.

The Cody Gill Band performs with a chemistry and family-like attitude not commonly found in any profession. Long hours on the road and days away from the norm bring out the truest of emotions, only to fuel the already-blazing fire dwelling in the underbelly of this nomadic foursome.