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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | AFM

Los Angeles, CA | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo R&B Pop





If you’re looking for music that has pure taste written all over it, you’ve found it. Every single song on the album, “Off The Vine”, by Cody Jay is sheer soul-stirring elegance. I love the music, because it’s real to the very last word. Not only do you hear and understand what Mr. Cody Jay is saying, you feel it. For all those still floating on cloud nine, who still believe in the art form of true love. Finally, there is music that can explain it in ways, we were only capable of thinking of. Buy it, listen to it and learn to enjoy a new state of mind.

Cody Jay is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. Born and raised in Burbank CA, Cody got his start performing in genres including but not limited to R&B, Jazz, Barbershop, Opera, Jazz, Musical Theatre, and Pop. He is unique in the fact that all his records are written, recorded, and produced solely by himself at his recording studio in Orange County.

This album is a must for anyone who loves R&B, Pop or Soul-induced music. Cody Jay has a quality sounding voice. And if you’re a little mistrusting because he ain’t black, the truth is that Jay can sing chocolate-smooth like the rest of them and even better than some. This white boy does black music better than almost everybody out now. Standout tracks like “Hard to Get”, “One Day”, “Beautiful (feat. Guille Lamont)”, “Animal” and “Grind (feat. Guille Lamont)”, should be more than enough to satisfy your curiosity.

Cody Jay’s use of melody and lyrics makes every song extraordinary. He truly projects real emotion in each of the cuts. This album showcases his maturity as a songwriter, his deeply soulful touch, and his way of finding that smooth groove that makes you want to tap your foot, bob your head or maybe dim the lights.

“Off The Vine” obviously represents the culmination of several years of steady growth, as on it, Jay performs like a seasoned pro. Though he uses his voice like an instrument and utilizes all of its timbral extensions, you always get the impression he is not wasting any notes or delivering them for pure show. His voice is always at the service of the music, and never of his ego.

Not only is Cody Jay one of the most talented up-and-coming stars in the business right now, but also one of the finest. His smooth tones of voice is just one of his fantastic traits. This record is the kind of offering you’d expect from a voice like Jay’s: solid, contemporary R&B and Pop that’s able to straddle what he knows, what he’s capable of, and what’s hot right now. The bottom line is, Cody Jay is in a league of his own, and most of the tracks off of “Off The Vine”, should be all over the radio already. - Jamsphere

"Cody Jay wows with Release of Debut Album ‘Off The Vine’"

Let’s be honest, at first glance, singer, songwriter and producer Cody Jay appears to be yet another white boy trying to impersonate a soulful urban artist, but lucky for all of us, this boy has real skills.

His life-long journey of music has position him to create some of the most powerful, yet sensual music that the industry seems to have been missing. Though his highly-anticipated debut album ‘Off the Vine’ to rave reviews has been in the making for three years, music fans are glad he took his time to let that soul marinate over those tracks.

And marinate is exactly what Jay did, creating a body of work that he can claim all his own.

“This time around, I really wanted to create my own sound in my own way. There was a lot of trial and error that went into it, but once I figured things out, I was able to achieve the sound that I wanted.”

A combination of sexy R&B hits paying homage to a classic 90’s era mixed with a pinch of modern pop tempos and solid vocals, this album isn’t for the faint of heart. Jay explains he has no problem unleashing his sexual side, playfully teasing his listeners as he takes them on a ride of euphoric eroticism at times.

Unlike some artist, Jay asserts he doesn’t believe in relying heavily on studio technology in his songs, and isn’t afraid to let his vocal skills shine, which he wishes more artists would do.

“There’s less of a demand for solid vocalists these days, and while that may be the fad, I tried to ride the line of allowing the music to speak for itself while adding solid vocals and harmonies reminiscent of the 90’s.”

If you think the album is just for the lovers, though, you’re sadly mistaken. Tracks like ‘More than Enough’ tap into his introspective self and serve as a reminder for his fan base of the importance of gratitude in the face of life’s adversity.

This same encouragement, he explains, is what drives his ambition to persevere in such a fleeting industry.

“At times it’s really hard to stay driven – especially when I think about how much time and money I’ve spent getting to this point. But at the end of the day, this is what I love to do.”

Aside from answering the rallying cry of music lovers in dire need of something more than trendy melodic tunes, Jay wrote every song himself, masterfully demonstrating what happens when an artist is truly in tune with their creative gifts. From singer to songwriter, his musical genius is a testament to his devotion to his craft.

“After writing my own music for the past few years, I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I want to hear when I listen to other artists. I think that if you can stand by your own product, that you’re on your way to being unique – and standing out in the crowd.” - Kontrol Magazine


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Cody Jay is a singer, songwriter, and record producer that takes a hands-on approach to
creating music. With a tireless
work ethic Cody continually strives to raise the bar on delivering a complete experience from
audio, music videos, and performance. All his music is written, recorded, and produced by himself out of his home studio in Orange County.

Cody’s varied performance background includes genres spanning from R&B to jazz,
barbershop, opera, musical theatre, and pop. He’s graced stages all over Southern California
such as the famous Viper Room, Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Walt Disney Concert Hall,
Whiskey a Go-Go, The Rockwell, and many more.

“Growing up on the Los Angeles area, the entertainment capital of the world, I've been fortunate
to find myself in an atmosphere that fosters creativity. I am humbled by the talented people I
come in contact with on a daily basis, and find myself striving for greater heights with each new
project I take on.” 

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