Imagine if Jack White and Jack Johnson were to make a band together, I would imagine it would sound something like I do.


My influences are all music. Directly to the kind of music I play I would have to say Jon & Roy, Dave Matthews, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, The Beatles, The White Stripes.....and the list goes on. I am an eclectic singer/songwriter and tend to draw between 50- 150 people to a local show in the Washington area. I have been playing for ten years and have been forming my style on guitar for that whole time and now I believe I have my own sound and voice even with covers of songs.


Cody- Walk a Country Mile (2004)
Cody- The Blood of Life (2005)
I have "The Blood of Life" streaming on my myspace at

Set List

I normally change my set constantly to keep it fresh and so for the repeat fans will constantly be hearing fresh music always!! I do few covers but just to mix it up a bit!