cody marks

cody marks


Southern Rock with a female edge. Janice Joplin meets Willie Nelson with a stop at Johnny Cash's house.


A runaway boards a bus with a few bucks in her pocket and heads anywhere that is not where she was and arrives in Hollywood nearly broke.

Dramatic, but this is no movie. When singer/songwriter Cody Marks got on the bus, she was in a hurry. "I was running away from Miami as all my friends were going to jail or dead from drugs and car theft," Marks says. "I was released from Juvi Hall and split."

Her destination was Chattanooga, Tennessee, but she never got there. Instead, she turned up in Hollywood, California with 60 bucks in her pocket and a guitar.

Marks waited tables, danced in rock clubs and, ultimately, formed Honey House-which she describes as her "college" in the music business. Her band became a hit on the Los Angeles scene, game was survival, and Marks formed Honey House, which she describes as her "college" in the music business. She graduated: the band was a hit, regularly selling out clubs.

Sensing it was time to evolve, she disbanded Honey House to pursue a solo career. After appearing as a singer/songwriter on VH1's "Hollywood Hills," Marks headed to Nashville.

"I loved Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson when everyone else was into grunge," she says. "I wanted to learn to write like them."

While collaborating with songwriters Bobby Pinson and Daryl Burgess, she found her voice. Fans describe it as a rich blend of Janis Joplin and Cash, and intensely personal. Marks wants her audience to feel like they're kicking back on a Southern porch and just having a good time.

On stage, she fulfills a desire she's had for years through a profound connection between Marks and her fans. "It feels like I am home, communicating to my family and finally being heard," she says.

Marks looks forward to being signed by a major label, but doesn't believe that it will affect her creativity or music. "I know what kind of songs I should and shouldn't do," she says. "My voice is not the normal 'chick singer's' voice."

Listen to Marks songs like "Tiny Little World" and "The Hidden One," and you'll understand what she means. Her powerful voice ranges from a quiet to raw-edged, but it's always honest

"The song 'Dear Life' is about me holding on for my own survival," she says. "All the songs are about something that happened to me."

In a competitive market, Marks is ready to work hard to succeed. But considering what she's already seen as a child, you'd be hard-pressed to find something that can hold her back.

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I cant wait for Heaven

Written By: Cody Marks

St Peter said slow down, he wouldnt let me in, cant he se, Im Jumping out of my skin


Upcoming EP "Blood" dropping in late Feb

Set List

Changes all the time, originals as well as Southern cover songs.