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cody pendant


Old school honkytonk,punk rock,metal.Lately, I've been writing retro hillbilly/cowpunk, but you never know with me...sometimes it's a classical piece, or it could be hip-hop/metal dance...


20 yrs ago I started out playing hardcore punk, studied classical, moved to hollywood-did the hard rock thang.I grew up on country as a kid. I'm from Ca. & live in Txs. now riding cutting horses & working for a trainer. Grew up surfing, been a truck driver, you could say I'm over-dosed from life itself, but still alive. Yee-Haw!!!


Christmas Time Is Here Again

Written By: D.K.Kneller

Christmas Time Is Here Again

Christmas time is here again
so listen up all you children
you've waited all year long for this
hoping to make Santa's list

We make the gifts that make you laugh
to give a lift and make ya happy
working hard all thru the tear
we're so proud just to be here

Christmas time is here so listen
go to sleep or you might miss him

If you've been good you'll get a visit
a nice surprise beneath the tree
stay outta trouble tho it's hard
you're sure to get a big reward

If you've been bad and didnt listen
He'd hate to have to pass you by
don't throw fits don't get in fights
don't get skipped on Santas flight

Christmas Eve and we're all ready
we've been working hard and steady
the sleigh is full and reindeers know
when nightfall comes it's off they'll go

Christmas time is here again
just make the list and we'll know then
to make something that you might like
if you've been good then you've done right

Don't be the only kid that's left
out in the cold, freezing wet
If you've been bad then you can bet
A big fat nothin's what you'll get

repeat 1st verse-2nd bridge-1st bridge

my coffee cup

Written By: d.k.kneller

i need a cigarette
to kill my whiskey breath
and a big joint to get me high..
i need a snort of cocaine
to numb the pain-
a shot of heroin to just get by...
although wine is fine
i got a beer right here
to chase away my yesterdays,
and crystal meth is my best bet
when i really wanna fade away

i'll drop some liquid "L"
in my eye,to see things for how
they are..
you can order me a shot
of tequila ,jack
if you see me standin' at the bar
i got little pills if i'm feelin' ill
here,now you can have some to,
but before you do,i beg of you
hide the keys there to your car

now if i get the urge
i'll go and splurge,on a coupla'
cuban cigars
and to get to heaven, it's angel
dust, that sets me
high above the stars...
there's crack in my ice
but it sure feels nice
even tho i'm cold as hell
so,to warm me up
i got my coffee cup-
but what's inside i'll never tell


I've got songs that can be downloaded(free) on my website, WWW.codypendant.Com. B-cuz I'm a working cowboy, I don't get off the ranch much, except for some open mics...

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see above: I do originals,covers, change waltz' into 2 steps, funny shit, the sad stuff that life's made of...